Monday, May 07, 2007

Run, Rachel, Run

December, about 2 or 3 years ago I had made my new year's resolution to start running. Through extensive research I'd mapped out paces to start running and ways to progressively work my way up. After the holiday eat-a-thon I was going to be gung-ho on my new dedication. Then one icy cold mid afternoon in December I was leaving work for lunch and had both hands on the front step stair rail at work and gently stepped onto the cold stair...complete - then onto the second step and KA-BAMMMM!!! Busted my butt. I was being so careful and still, I ate it. All I could do was laugh, I laughed so hard to suppress my pain that my stomach felt like it too had taken a fall. Falling is so funny, especially when people see you do it. I swear our security crew at work probably rewinds that footage when they are having a bad day just to laugh. I could probably win America's Funniest Video if it was submitted. Anyway - I got into my friends car, who witnessed everything and continued laughing. By day 3 of non stop laughter it turned into tears - I knew I jacked up my butt/back. Sure enough I did and my chiropractor put my new year's resolution on hold for about 3-4 months. Then the urge to run subsided.
I tell you all of this because I was reading my morning ritual of gossip and articles on MSN and came across this guy, on weightloss. If he can start to run at 400lbs, then there is no reason why I shouldn't be hittin' the concrete. (I don't weigh 400lbs, but feel like I do)
I need advice, motivation, a program - something. My Special K diet was working and I will need to get back on it, but exercise is important and I know that. Janii how did you get into the kick? What motivates you? I have nothing but total admiration for you. I lost my mojo that cold day in December.


olympiablue said...

Rachel, you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Jenn's and I found your blog through hers. I know she'll be able to give you some fantastic insight on running, but I can tell you a few things... I was her first running partner in O-town -- 6-7 years ago. She badgered me for weeks at work to start with her. Finally I relented! We met in the mornings, route mapped, and goal in mind -- running a 5K (Jean Jones 5K on campus) which eventually progressed to the DD 10K. There were many mornings I didn't want to put one foot in front of the other, especially up Faulkner hill, but she was there to encourage me. Finding a partner is key, I think, in the beginning! I don't keep up with running like J does now, but after reading her blog some days I get the urge to pound the pavement like the old days! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Hey Rachel, Tis I! I am with Amber. A partner, and a reasonable goal. I'm worried about our move b/c there's no way I'll get out and do 10-milers by myself. It's no fun then. I have to meet people I can run with. Find yourself a 5k. Here's the training schedule my sister used a couple years ago: If you have a buddy, you're accountable for getting out there and you also forget what you're doing b/c you're talking and having more fun.

You just have to keep doing it till it's part of your routine, and you realize it makes you feel (in my case) better and more sane.

Sometimes, though, I feel like just quitting, too -- sometimes it gets old. But more often than not I'm thankful for the gift.

Gotta go get a screamer, but you can do it. I couldn't run at all when I started trying, and it took a year for me to train for my first marathon, but inch by inch you get there.

I really liked the story about Bruno. Thanks for sharing that.

Rachel said...

Thank both of you for your inspiration! I will check out the link you posted Jenn and see where it takes me. Much appreciative!