Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vay-cay 2011

And we are off.... like a herd of turtles.  Vacation 2011 is in full effect and I am no less than extremely READY!  I expect us to look a lot like the Griswold's as we travel down to Orange Beach, AL.  

Clark: Burn some dust here. Eat my rubber.
Rusty Griswold: Dad, I think you mean burn rubber and eat my dust.
Clark: Whatever, Russ. Whatever.

I don't think I've forgotten anything.  

I think I brought everything...including the blender.  What is a vacation without your Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville blender?  That vacation my friends, doesn't exist and something I wish to be no part of.  Seriously though.  I think I did a good job of packing the car up.  If it weren't for the highchair, blender, and pack-n-play I could have used only half of our 1 acre back seat.

Maybe one day I'll become a good kid packer.  The only thing in here for me is the red suitcase and the drinky drink bottle between the highchair and blender.  The rest is Hill's, even the's to make him and Hannah snocones.  Chip hasn't put his stuff in the car yet, but I'm sure the way he packs it will all fit in the glove box.

The dryer debacle didn't slow me down from Vacation 2011 either.  Our dryer went out today as I was washing the final necessities for the trip.  Thank goodness for the internet and a thrifty hubby there was only a 45 minute lull in the laundry.  We are back in action and I will safely be unplugging the dryer when we leave so we have no fire hazards.  No offense babe, I trust your madd dryer fixing skillz.  Yet, while my 4 legged babies are here with their keeper I risk nothing.

So, we are off...  If you see this Hoss on the roadway - - move on outta the way!  This Mama is on a mission!

And since we are meeting up with my dad, step mom and niece I expect us to have some pretty hilarious adventures along the way.  Bring on the Griswold Hawkins Family Vacation!

I leave you with my favorite Cousin Eddie quote from Christmas Vacation: "After that long drive, we could use a little private time together. Honey, why don't you run and get the kid's things. And, don't forget the rubber sheets and the gerbils."


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctors and Ponies and Swimming, Oh My!

Incase you haven't done the math this week.... Sweet Hill celebrated his one and half year old birthday.  On the 12th Chip and I sang him Happy Birthday and he loved it.  He swayed and clapped and knew it was for him!  He's so much stinking fun!  We love you Little Buddy!

This week we have been doing a little bit of everything.  Hill is doing fantastic swimming!  His 30 minute lessons, an hour and 15 minutes away, once a week is paying off, I think.  He can hold himself onto the side of the pool and has almost mastered getting out with the "Elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee" tactic - - once he gets more upper body strength he will be able to perfect it and do it alone.  It's funny how repeatedly doing it sticks in their little brain.  When we are practicing he will say "ehbo, nee" (elbow, knee.)  He hasn't been the best at learning to kick, he really only likes to say it "ki-ki-ki-ki" but no action.  This past week though, he did a really well. He also understands at the count of three he's about to go underwater and needs to hold his breath.  I'll say, One, Two, Three then take in a big breath so he knows to do the same then guide him under water and push him to whomever is there for him to swim to.  He's doing so great!  He hasn't minded floating on his back with his ears under the water too bad.  Hopefully these skills stick.  He's very cautious around water...doesn't go crazy trying to get in it or jump off the side. When we swim at Chip's dads house Hill uses the steps and is not scared of the water, but seemingly respects it.  Chip and I are so glad for that.

Thursday Hill had his follow up appointment with Dr. Shell in Memphis, I made the journey with him.  This time was a little unusual; we got there early then waited for like an hour and a half almost two hours before we got back to see the doctor.  Usually it's 2.5 seconds and we're out.  It's hard keeping my little one and half year old busy for that length of time.  I'm pretty sure he tore a couple of magazines.  There was a tv so he danced.  There was a little girl that came in that was probably 4 and she would come sit next to us and tickle Hill and stare at his lip and ask questions.  She was sweet.  She had a scar under her nose and on the side of her face.  I didn't feel it appropriate to ask her since her mom didn't seem like the nicest lady in the world.  The little girl had hair just like Hill.  I'd never seen another kid with such fine, soft, blonde locks.   Anyway, they called us back and we waited some more.  Hill figured out how to make the mechanical chair move up and down with the foot pedals and then Hill and I had roller chair races with Dr. Shells doctor stools (there were 3 in there for some reason.)  Once Dr. Shell made it in he said all was well, swelling should continue to go down, redness should continue to subside and see you in October!  Great report!  What do you do when you get good doctor reports?  Go to Target, of course!

There is a Target right by the doctors office.  Hill has been in dire need of new "Hill proof" sippy cups.  He takes the rubber sucking part of the cups and bites them until the spout hole is as big as my leg.  I don't think he eats it he just busts it all up to where the "spill proof" becomes "open the flood gate."  I may have remedied this by boycotting chewy rubber tops.  They have some sleek new designs in the sippy cup industry and I fell into their trendy designs. I don't like the hard plastic drinking lid cups but bought a couple anyway.  I am still cautious about hard drinking cups and his lip.  Not that I need to be, I just am.  Long sippy cup story short, we got new cups.  They are cool and Hill likes them and they can't be chewed up so mommy likes them too.

Last night, Friday, we went to Branson's birthday party!  He turned three and had his party at a barn with a mechanical bull, real chickens and pigs and Hill got to ride the biggest 'dog' he had ever seen!  It was really a horse and my little buck-a-roo thought the horse was HILARIOUS!  Britlon was sweet enough to take Hill for a ride.  Hill didn't cry, flip out or seem confused.  Must be that Texas blood coming out in him, he took that shetland pony by the reins and ran with the wind.  Ok, that's a lie, but he did hold on to the saddle and they guided him around the arena .  Look at how sweet my preppy cowboy is in his little polo shirt, plaid sorts and new balance shoes riding that horse.

Mrs. Tasha, Britlon & Mr. Calvin helping Hill onto the horse.  Mr. Fred in the background.

I'm a Cowboy!

This pony is just as compact as Hill.
Too stinkin' cute.

So, umm... now what?
We had so much fun at Branson's party!  Thanks for inviting us!  Branson has a sweet family on both his mamas side and his daddys side.  I was glad to see them too.  It's been a long time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you, Jimmy Buffet & Mindless Weekend

This past weekend we laid low.  The Pettit's came over Saturday night and Chip made his Magic Yum Shrimp, which are New Orleans style BBQ shrimp with oranges and lemon.  Whitney made the best guacamole I've ever eaten in my whole entire life (I ate it for breakfast the next morning, seriously.)  I busted out the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville machine for loads of family fun. If you have never had a rita from Jimmy's fabulous contraption then you have never lived.  The ice is heaven, pureed heaven.  I made watermelon snocones for the kids, a virgin margarita for Whit since she's with child, and the real deal for me.

We all played chicken foot, which none of us have played in 100 years.  It's played with dominos and very fun, no true thought to play... my kind of game.  I always hate playing thought provoking games with Chip, he makes me feel like a big dummy and becomes very competitive.  Like super bad sport competitive.  So dominos was a nice change of pace, makes my brain relax.

Here is Hill  eating his snocone.

Funny side story... Hill has been wanting to help feed the dogs lately, so I'll put the food in the bowl and let him carry Katie Lou's bowl to her 'spot.'  He's very good and very careful.  Holds it with both hands and focus' really hard on not tipping it over.  So, later Saturday evening after the snocone melted I went to go pick up Tanner's bowl but couldn't find Hill's bowl.  I was so confused.  They were on the coffee table right next to each other.  I searched around the living room and then went into Hill's room where I found it gently placed on the carpet by his toys.  That silly kid used his dog feeding skills to relocate his snocone bowl with red juice inside it to his room...with carpet.  He did not spill a drop.  I guess his skills paid off, that crazy kiddo.

Sunday we lounged around.  I am so ready for our trip to Orange Beach in a couple of weeks that I went ahead and packed Hill's bag.  I know, I know...leave me alone.  I'm excited and way past due on a change of scenery.  I need a vacation.  Now.  So I live vicariously through my packed luggage.

After I decided how ridiculous I was being I was saved by the bell....the phone rang and it was Chip's step mom.  Madison and Addie were in town and headed over to their house to swim and play.  We jump at any opportunity to play with our nieces so we put on our swim suits, picked up some hamburger meat and had a great time swimming and grilling and playing and running!  Hill was not a fan of my holding Addie.  He would look at me in disgust and say, "maah! maah!" with a grunt.  Jealous maybe?  It was so good to see the girls and play with Shane Preston and Aunt Meryl.  We were exhausted and crashed when we got home.

What a good mind relaxing weekend.  I really really needed that.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Super Hero or Super Freak?

Last night we went to Jackson for Hill's make up swim lesson, since Monday was a holiday.  After lessons we went to eat at Soulshine Pizza.  It was so fun!  They had an awesome live little 2 man band and it was kid friendly so all the little kids were dancing and dancing.  Hill was a hit with his mad dance skills.  Once we got in the car we weren't even a mile down the road before Hill was out like a light.  It was around 10:00 when we got home so since Hill was able to take a "nap" on the way home he woke up in a super hero or maybe super freak mode.

I took him to his changing table to change his diaper and put on his pj's.  Once I picked him up he started flipping out and throwing a tantrum while saying, "DI-TER! DI-TER!" (that means diaper for those that don't speak toddler.)  So of course I thought something was wrong with the diaper I'd just put on, but no he pointed and the diaper basket and laid down and pointed at his crotch all the while yelling "DI-TER!"  So, what do I do?  Put the boy on another diaper, over his pj's.  Then once he was completely satisfied with that he needed his shoes.  We talked about his obsession / need to have his sandals on while he was sick.  So, I put the boys shoes on.  Then he was ready for night night or fighting crime as a super hero or just being a weird kid.  I'm pretty sure he had all the bases covered in case of emergency during the middle of the night.

Get this boy a cape and some super powers!
(or some friends that accept him for being the weird kid that dresses funny)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

What's In A Name Anyway?

This morning Hill woke up talking about 'Anna.'  I just figured he was talking about one of the little girls in his class and didn't think much about it.  He has a little friend girl he talks about all the time, Aubree (Ah-bee) so I just thought maybe he's a ladies man and is practicing hittin' up the ladies.

Then tonight we get home and he keeps calling Foxy Mama 'Anna.'  He must have been talking to Foxy Mama this morning?  Chip thinks it's hilarious and has started to call Fox 'Anna' now.  Chip said, "Who are we to not know that Fox's real name isn't Anna?  She is a stray."  Seriously though, she's been a part of our family for like 8 years, I can't just rename her Anna.

I can't figure it out, maybe it's because Fox has redish hair and so does little Anna in his class?
Wonder how long this will stick?  For Chip, I'm afraid it's official that Fox is no longer Fox, but Anna.

Poor Fox.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You're a big boy! Sike!

My little boy wants to be a big boy so bad and I, his loving mother, am preventing it.  I've made many parental decisions in the last year and a half, my first executive decision was before Hill was born; Chip and I agreed never to let him play in the Pizza Hut "playroom."  It's like a nasty cesspool of germs with vomit toys and crayon writing on the wall.  No thanks.

So tonight Chip left me to make the decision of Hill's sleeping arrangements...and it was hard.
Hill's routine is to take a bath, put on pj's, get his milk cup, pick out 2 books which we sit in his rocker to read then say our prayers and he gets into his crib to night night.  That's it.  Every night.  But tonight was different.  Tonight he wanted to take a bath, put on pj's, get his milk cup, pick out 2 books and get into the full size bed in his room to read them.  No big deal right?  Wrong!  He sees Katie (who he is now infatuated with) sleep on the big pillows in the big bed while we read books.  He decided he is going to night night in the big boy bed.  I'd take him to his crib and he'd push away and want down only to crawl to the full size bed and say night night.

What did I do?  I built a mountain of pillows around the edge of the bed and said, "ok, night night."  I immediately ran to our bedroom where the video / hear a pin drop monitor is and listened since I couldn't see him because the video camera is mounted above his crib.  I didn't hear a thing.  I gave it like 5 minutes and then snuck in his room to find him sound asleep in between the pillow walls snoozing away like a big boy.  I ran out to the living room to ask Chip what to do.  Do I move him to his crib or leave him in the big boy bed?  My fabulously sensitive husband said, "Well you should have thought about that before you let him sleep in the big bed."

So I ran back into Hill's room sat on the corner of the bed and evaluated the situation.  All his toys were there and wouldn't pose a threat should he wake up and get down to play in the middle of the night.  Should he fall out of bed he'd hit the carpet and it's like 2 feet, no worries.  Then I started to worry about his book shelf and dresser falling on top of him with no supervision.  I mean he is in the climbing stage.  Then I thought about him ingesting his diaper cream or sticking the rectal thermometer in his mouth.  Then I had a panic attack.  Ok, so not really, but I was very overwhelmed.  Ugh, so I picked him up and snuggled him into his crib.  I hope he's not disappointed when he wakes up.  Sorry Buddy, Mommy won't let you ever grow up to be a big boy.

Now I have the new worry of the dresser and bookshelf falling on him.  Great.  Parenthood.  Sigh.

What To Do When You Are Sick...

One would think that since we had a few days last week of being at home with a sick kiddo with strep and a long July 4th weekend that I'd have time to blog.  Bzzz (that's the wrong buzzer)
Not too sure where the time goes.
Anyway, so we've been at the casa with a sick kiddo who ran fever for longer than any mother cares for her baby to run fever.  Last Wednesday daycare called because Hill had 101.1 fever.  Since he had a snotty nose I figured it was a sinus infection.  Bzzz (wrong buzzer again) It was strep.  His lungs sounded a little fuzzy so they took x-rays...that's always fun.
Pardon the not so great pictures - our faithful camera broke so I have to resort to the iPhone.

Lil man at the doctors office
He's going through a phase where he wants to wear his hat during the day.

Chest x-ray time in the crazy kid contraption

close up of the contraption.
Yes, yes.  Think of me what you will I did take pictures of my son while he cried his guts out.
 So after we were cleared from having pneumonia on top of strep we were given medicine and headed home for the week.  Props to the best Dada around who stayed at home and took care of sweet man.  So what do you do with a little boy running fever but doesn't know how to stop running around?

You blow up the ball pit of course!
And play on the computer while you lounge in the ball pit.

pose for the camera

Nap while you eat

Sit in the recliner with your hat on eating pretzels

lounge with your mama on the couch and drink your juice

check your email

pretend you are a grown up and sit at the dining room table to eat dinner
Normal kids want to snuggle with their blanket or their teddy bear or some type of lovie. Not Hill, he just wants his shoes on. They make him feel better.  He has a weird obsession with his Teva sandals.  In the morning it's change your diaper and put on shoes.  When he was sick it was take your medicine and put on your shoes even sleep in them during nap time.

During his sick time he has built a bond with Katie Lou.  She doesn't let him really "touch" her, but she does let him chase her around and maybe give her a pat every now and then.  Pretty much all week he was either wanting his shoes on or running around saying "K-dee, K-dee."  Also, Dada is no longer referred to as Dada, but "Da-dee"- so grown up.

He's better now and back at daycare.  They started him sleeping on a nap mat now and not in the crib.  It was amazing that they actually had him sleeping on the floor in one day.  More power to them.

I leave you with this sweet picture of Hill just walking around the back yard this evening.  He's such a big boy now.