Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctors and Ponies and Swimming, Oh My!

Incase you haven't done the math this week.... Sweet Hill celebrated his one and half year old birthday.  On the 12th Chip and I sang him Happy Birthday and he loved it.  He swayed and clapped and knew it was for him!  He's so much stinking fun!  We love you Little Buddy!

This week we have been doing a little bit of everything.  Hill is doing fantastic swimming!  His 30 minute lessons, an hour and 15 minutes away, once a week is paying off, I think.  He can hold himself onto the side of the pool and has almost mastered getting out with the "Elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee" tactic - - once he gets more upper body strength he will be able to perfect it and do it alone.  It's funny how repeatedly doing it sticks in their little brain.  When we are practicing he will say "ehbo, nee" (elbow, knee.)  He hasn't been the best at learning to kick, he really only likes to say it "ki-ki-ki-ki" but no action.  This past week though, he did a really well. He also understands at the count of three he's about to go underwater and needs to hold his breath.  I'll say, One, Two, Three then take in a big breath so he knows to do the same then guide him under water and push him to whomever is there for him to swim to.  He's doing so great!  He hasn't minded floating on his back with his ears under the water too bad.  Hopefully these skills stick.  He's very cautious around water...doesn't go crazy trying to get in it or jump off the side. When we swim at Chip's dads house Hill uses the steps and is not scared of the water, but seemingly respects it.  Chip and I are so glad for that.

Thursday Hill had his follow up appointment with Dr. Shell in Memphis, I made the journey with him.  This time was a little unusual; we got there early then waited for like an hour and a half almost two hours before we got back to see the doctor.  Usually it's 2.5 seconds and we're out.  It's hard keeping my little one and half year old busy for that length of time.  I'm pretty sure he tore a couple of magazines.  There was a tv so he danced.  There was a little girl that came in that was probably 4 and she would come sit next to us and tickle Hill and stare at his lip and ask questions.  She was sweet.  She had a scar under her nose and on the side of her face.  I didn't feel it appropriate to ask her since her mom didn't seem like the nicest lady in the world.  The little girl had hair just like Hill.  I'd never seen another kid with such fine, soft, blonde locks.   Anyway, they called us back and we waited some more.  Hill figured out how to make the mechanical chair move up and down with the foot pedals and then Hill and I had roller chair races with Dr. Shells doctor stools (there were 3 in there for some reason.)  Once Dr. Shell made it in he said all was well, swelling should continue to go down, redness should continue to subside and see you in October!  Great report!  What do you do when you get good doctor reports?  Go to Target, of course!

There is a Target right by the doctors office.  Hill has been in dire need of new "Hill proof" sippy cups.  He takes the rubber sucking part of the cups and bites them until the spout hole is as big as my leg.  I don't think he eats it he just busts it all up to where the "spill proof" becomes "open the flood gate."  I may have remedied this by boycotting chewy rubber tops.  They have some sleek new designs in the sippy cup industry and I fell into their trendy designs. I don't like the hard plastic drinking lid cups but bought a couple anyway.  I am still cautious about hard drinking cups and his lip.  Not that I need to be, I just am.  Long sippy cup story short, we got new cups.  They are cool and Hill likes them and they can't be chewed up so mommy likes them too.

Last night, Friday, we went to Branson's birthday party!  He turned three and had his party at a barn with a mechanical bull, real chickens and pigs and Hill got to ride the biggest 'dog' he had ever seen!  It was really a horse and my little buck-a-roo thought the horse was HILARIOUS!  Britlon was sweet enough to take Hill for a ride.  Hill didn't cry, flip out or seem confused.  Must be that Texas blood coming out in him, he took that shetland pony by the reins and ran with the wind.  Ok, that's a lie, but he did hold on to the saddle and they guided him around the arena .  Look at how sweet my preppy cowboy is in his little polo shirt, plaid sorts and new balance shoes riding that horse.

Mrs. Tasha, Britlon & Mr. Calvin helping Hill onto the horse.  Mr. Fred in the background.

I'm a Cowboy!

This pony is just as compact as Hill.
Too stinkin' cute.

So, umm... now what?
We had so much fun at Branson's party!  Thanks for inviting us!  Branson has a sweet family on both his mamas side and his daddys side.  I was glad to see them too.  It's been a long time!

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