Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What To Do When You Are Sick...

One would think that since we had a few days last week of being at home with a sick kiddo with strep and a long July 4th weekend that I'd have time to blog.  Bzzz (that's the wrong buzzer)
Not too sure where the time goes.
Anyway, so we've been at the casa with a sick kiddo who ran fever for longer than any mother cares for her baby to run fever.  Last Wednesday daycare called because Hill had 101.1 fever.  Since he had a snotty nose I figured it was a sinus infection.  Bzzz (wrong buzzer again) It was strep.  His lungs sounded a little fuzzy so they took x-rays...that's always fun.
Pardon the not so great pictures - our faithful camera broke so I have to resort to the iPhone.

Lil man at the doctors office
He's going through a phase where he wants to wear his hat during the day.

Chest x-ray time in the crazy kid contraption

close up of the contraption.
Yes, yes.  Think of me what you will I did take pictures of my son while he cried his guts out.
 So after we were cleared from having pneumonia on top of strep we were given medicine and headed home for the week.  Props to the best Dada around who stayed at home and took care of sweet man.  So what do you do with a little boy running fever but doesn't know how to stop running around?

You blow up the ball pit of course!
And play on the computer while you lounge in the ball pit.

pose for the camera

Nap while you eat

Sit in the recliner with your hat on eating pretzels

lounge with your mama on the couch and drink your juice

check your email

pretend you are a grown up and sit at the dining room table to eat dinner
Normal kids want to snuggle with their blanket or their teddy bear or some type of lovie. Not Hill, he just wants his shoes on. They make him feel better.  He has a weird obsession with his Teva sandals.  In the morning it's change your diaper and put on shoes.  When he was sick it was take your medicine and put on your shoes even sleep in them during nap time.

During his sick time he has built a bond with Katie Lou.  She doesn't let him really "touch" her, but she does let him chase her around and maybe give her a pat every now and then.  Pretty much all week he was either wanting his shoes on or running around saying "K-dee, K-dee."  Also, Dada is no longer referred to as Dada, but "Da-dee"- so grown up.

He's better now and back at daycare.  They started him sleeping on a nap mat now and not in the crib.  It was amazing that they actually had him sleeping on the floor in one day.  More power to them.

I leave you with this sweet picture of Hill just walking around the back yard this evening.  He's such a big boy now.

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