Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you, Jimmy Buffet & Mindless Weekend

This past weekend we laid low.  The Pettit's came over Saturday night and Chip made his Magic Yum Shrimp, which are New Orleans style BBQ shrimp with oranges and lemon.  Whitney made the best guacamole I've ever eaten in my whole entire life (I ate it for breakfast the next morning, seriously.)  I busted out the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville machine for loads of family fun. If you have never had a rita from Jimmy's fabulous contraption then you have never lived.  The ice is heaven, pureed heaven.  I made watermelon snocones for the kids, a virgin margarita for Whit since she's with child, and the real deal for me.

We all played chicken foot, which none of us have played in 100 years.  It's played with dominos and very fun, no true thought to play... my kind of game.  I always hate playing thought provoking games with Chip, he makes me feel like a big dummy and becomes very competitive.  Like super bad sport competitive.  So dominos was a nice change of pace, makes my brain relax.

Here is Hill  eating his snocone.

Funny side story... Hill has been wanting to help feed the dogs lately, so I'll put the food in the bowl and let him carry Katie Lou's bowl to her 'spot.'  He's very good and very careful.  Holds it with both hands and focus' really hard on not tipping it over.  So, later Saturday evening after the snocone melted I went to go pick up Tanner's bowl but couldn't find Hill's bowl.  I was so confused.  They were on the coffee table right next to each other.  I searched around the living room and then went into Hill's room where I found it gently placed on the carpet by his toys.  That silly kid used his dog feeding skills to relocate his snocone bowl with red juice inside it to his room...with carpet.  He did not spill a drop.  I guess his skills paid off, that crazy kiddo.

Sunday we lounged around.  I am so ready for our trip to Orange Beach in a couple of weeks that I went ahead and packed Hill's bag.  I know, I know...leave me alone.  I'm excited and way past due on a change of scenery.  I need a vacation.  Now.  So I live vicariously through my packed luggage.

After I decided how ridiculous I was being I was saved by the bell....the phone rang and it was Chip's step mom.  Madison and Addie were in town and headed over to their house to swim and play.  We jump at any opportunity to play with our nieces so we put on our swim suits, picked up some hamburger meat and had a great time swimming and grilling and playing and running!  Hill was not a fan of my holding Addie.  He would look at me in disgust and say, "maah! maah!" with a grunt.  Jealous maybe?  It was so good to see the girls and play with Shane Preston and Aunt Meryl.  We were exhausted and crashed when we got home.

What a good mind relaxing weekend.  I really really needed that.

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The Burrell's said...

Hey girl! Thanks again for the invite Saturday! Hate we couldn't come!!! Maybe next time...