Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You're a big boy! Sike!

My little boy wants to be a big boy so bad and I, his loving mother, am preventing it.  I've made many parental decisions in the last year and a half, my first executive decision was before Hill was born; Chip and I agreed never to let him play in the Pizza Hut "playroom."  It's like a nasty cesspool of germs with vomit toys and crayon writing on the wall.  No thanks.

So tonight Chip left me to make the decision of Hill's sleeping arrangements...and it was hard.
Hill's routine is to take a bath, put on pj's, get his milk cup, pick out 2 books which we sit in his rocker to read then say our prayers and he gets into his crib to night night.  That's it.  Every night.  But tonight was different.  Tonight he wanted to take a bath, put on pj's, get his milk cup, pick out 2 books and get into the full size bed in his room to read them.  No big deal right?  Wrong!  He sees Katie (who he is now infatuated with) sleep on the big pillows in the big bed while we read books.  He decided he is going to night night in the big boy bed.  I'd take him to his crib and he'd push away and want down only to crawl to the full size bed and say night night.

What did I do?  I built a mountain of pillows around the edge of the bed and said, "ok, night night."  I immediately ran to our bedroom where the video / hear a pin drop monitor is and listened since I couldn't see him because the video camera is mounted above his crib.  I didn't hear a thing.  I gave it like 5 minutes and then snuck in his room to find him sound asleep in between the pillow walls snoozing away like a big boy.  I ran out to the living room to ask Chip what to do.  Do I move him to his crib or leave him in the big boy bed?  My fabulously sensitive husband said, "Well you should have thought about that before you let him sleep in the big bed."

So I ran back into Hill's room sat on the corner of the bed and evaluated the situation.  All his toys were there and wouldn't pose a threat should he wake up and get down to play in the middle of the night.  Should he fall out of bed he'd hit the carpet and it's like 2 feet, no worries.  Then I started to worry about his book shelf and dresser falling on top of him with no supervision.  I mean he is in the climbing stage.  Then I thought about him ingesting his diaper cream or sticking the rectal thermometer in his mouth.  Then I had a panic attack.  Ok, so not really, but I was very overwhelmed.  Ugh, so I picked him up and snuggled him into his crib.  I hope he's not disappointed when he wakes up.  Sorry Buddy, Mommy won't let you ever grow up to be a big boy.

Now I have the new worry of the dresser and bookshelf falling on him.  Great.  Parenthood.  Sigh.

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