Saturday, July 09, 2011

Super Hero or Super Freak?

Last night we went to Jackson for Hill's make up swim lesson, since Monday was a holiday.  After lessons we went to eat at Soulshine Pizza.  It was so fun!  They had an awesome live little 2 man band and it was kid friendly so all the little kids were dancing and dancing.  Hill was a hit with his mad dance skills.  Once we got in the car we weren't even a mile down the road before Hill was out like a light.  It was around 10:00 when we got home so since Hill was able to take a "nap" on the way home he woke up in a super hero or maybe super freak mode.

I took him to his changing table to change his diaper and put on his pj's.  Once I picked him up he started flipping out and throwing a tantrum while saying, "DI-TER! DI-TER!" (that means diaper for those that don't speak toddler.)  So of course I thought something was wrong with the diaper I'd just put on, but no he pointed and the diaper basket and laid down and pointed at his crotch all the while yelling "DI-TER!"  So, what do I do?  Put the boy on another diaper, over his pj's.  Then once he was completely satisfied with that he needed his shoes.  We talked about his obsession / need to have his sandals on while he was sick.  So, I put the boys shoes on.  Then he was ready for night night or fighting crime as a super hero or just being a weird kid.  I'm pretty sure he had all the bases covered in case of emergency during the middle of the night.

Get this boy a cape and some super powers!
(or some friends that accept him for being the weird kid that dresses funny)

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Leah Maria said...

Too cute!! He just wanted to make sure he was extra protected. :)