Friday, December 31, 2010

Pop Up Tent

Mid Christmas day I realized I'd forgotten to give Hill his dinosaur pop up tent. 

I reminds me of those sun shades you put up in your windshield then it twists back into a circle to store away.  Here is a visual demonstration picture from online so you get the idea how it starts out looking in a pouch.

It was one of those 'I guess you had to be there moments' because when I pulled it out of the zipper pouch it it flung into an instomatic tent.  It was absolutely hilarious.  In 1.5 nanoseconds there was a tent flying through the air assembled and ready to play in my living room.  Chip and I died laughing.  Then his comment was, how will that ever go back in that pouch?

Who cares!  We are gonna have a BLAST in this dinosaur tent!
The best $5 I've ever spent.
Me and my guy in the dino tent

Mama, you are in my tent!

Ready to camp out as Foster protects us!

spacious tent with some toys

The dinosaur at the donkey!
 I guess we aren't the only ones that like the good indoor / outdoor living
When we went over to Tanner Pettit's house
and he had a tee pee set up!  That is super fun!

The Wagon Saga

Santa brought Hill a Radio Flyer Wagon for Christmas and it has changed our whole life.  My son will probably never learn how to walk because he expects to be hauled around everywhere in his wagon.  He's becoming quite demanding. See for yourself.

Let's go to the Kitchen

Let's go to the Living Room

Let's got to the Living Room again, but without my hat on

Let's to put my keys up in my bedroom

Let's just sit here for a bit soaking in how fun my wagon is

Let's put Foxy Mama in the wagon

Let's haul all the dog toys to their room
 All of that was just on Christmas Day.  Below the saga continues thoroughout the week.  He continues to wear the hat when he rides in the wagon.  I guess he's trying to tell me we need to take this thing outside because rolling it around the house is not as fun.  I agree, but it's been a little too chilly to pull it around outside.

The dogs are picky about their toys (seriously, it's rediculous)
so the ones they didn't want they gave to Hill to pull around in his wagon

Hill loves his wagon and
I love this picture!
The little boy cries when you take him out of the wagon.  I think if we gave him a pillow and blanket he'd sleep in it.  I can't wait until the weather is nice and sunny so we can take a stroll!  He's going to REALLY love it then!

Our First Christmas!

Holy Moley!  Hill had no idea what to think about all the stuff that everyone got him for Christmas!
He woke up Christmas morning and we brought his wagon filled with gifts into the living area.  He immediately wanted to try to pull his wagon around.
Uugghhh.  This wagon is heavy!

He got a Thomas the Train riding toy from Ed.
He loves to push all the buttons and make balls pop out of the top.
He's so smart that he figured out that you lift the seat to put in the balls to make it work!

Choo Choo!

Look Out! 
Here I come (if you push me)
Can't quite scoot it along himself just yet.

We will just put it back for a few months until he decides to like him.

The dogs got tons of toys too!

Hill loves the boxes...
imagine that

Daddy cooking Christmas breakfast
He's the cook around the house and you will hear no complaints from us!

Something is missing...

You can't eat breakfast without a truck on your plate!
What a fabulous first Christmas we had as a fabulous little family!  I love my guys so much, they are my entire world - making me the luckiest Mama in the world!

Waiting For Santa At Sassy's

After our fun Christmas Eve lunch with the cousins we headed over to Sassy & Pop's (Sandra & David Landrum) house to play for a bit.

Sassy & Pop gave me a fun Jojo bath toy!
It sings and squirts water, how fun!
Bath time is my FAVORITE time!

Sassy said that Santa was going to come to see me

So I thought I'd pull up a chair and wait on him

So I waited...

and waited...
 Still no Santa!  Mommy said it was time to go home and go to sleep so that Santa could come to our house.  Daddy said Santa comes when we are sleeping.  So, I decided to pretend I was asleep standing up on the couch with my dog-dog.

This is my first time to have a Christmas so I didn't know the rules. 
No such luck.  I had to go get in my bed so I'd stay on
Santas' Nice List.
It must have worked!

Christmas With The Cousins

On Friday, Christmas Eve we had Christmas with the cousins!  It was soo much fun and Hill got soo much loot!
(the photos are in no particular order)
Addie & Hill playing with the singing pot
from Aunt Jane Claire
Hill doesn't share very well

Madison & Addie
opening presents

Shane Preston
being a cutie patootie

Ahhh...I love my pillow pet.
Thanks Shane Preston!

Opening his first ever present

Madison & Hill
hanging out

Madison being sweet

Climbing in the box is super fun

Still trying to open presents

Making food in my
singing pot
(see Bentley the dog trying to eat what Hill is cooking up)

Merry Christmas

I'm gonna take a nap on my
pillow pet.

Climbing in more boxes

Hill In The Box

Lounging with Dada
What a great way to start up the Christmas festivities!  We sure love playing with the cousins!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addie Brooks!

Last night we celebrated my niece Addie's 1st Birthday! 
What a fun time with all the cousins!

Her birthday is really on the 28th, but since she lives in
Gulfport we thought we'd start the festivities early!

Cookie Monster Cake!

Madison & Addie
Cookie Monster on her plate

Birthday Girl!

Eating Cookie Monster

Hill looking on....

All the cousins!
Hill (11 months), Madison (4), Addie (1), Shane Preston (3)

Ohhh....I ate too much Mama.
Yes, he did eat too much.  He ate goldfish, a hotdog weenie, 2 or 3 rolls, a bite of steak, a bite of potatoes, birthday cake and 14 thousand cheese puffs.  When it came time for bed he drank his milk (because we stopped formula this week) and his tummy was filled to the top with so much junk he simiply just threw up.  No warning, no nothing, just threw up everywhere.  Poor little buddy.  It never phased him, he never cried, I was calm - I called for Chip who came in the room only to flip out and start gagging.  I gave him our son, told him to bring me paper towels and a trash bag and get outta the way.  It really is different when it's your own kids throw up....for me at least.  Not so much for Chip.

Anyway, we all had a great time.  Adrienne Brooks is turning ONE and Hill is just a couple of weeks behind her!