Friday, December 31, 2010

The Wagon Saga

Santa brought Hill a Radio Flyer Wagon for Christmas and it has changed our whole life.  My son will probably never learn how to walk because he expects to be hauled around everywhere in his wagon.  He's becoming quite demanding. See for yourself.

Let's go to the Kitchen

Let's go to the Living Room

Let's got to the Living Room again, but without my hat on

Let's to put my keys up in my bedroom

Let's just sit here for a bit soaking in how fun my wagon is

Let's put Foxy Mama in the wagon

Let's haul all the dog toys to their room
 All of that was just on Christmas Day.  Below the saga continues thoroughout the week.  He continues to wear the hat when he rides in the wagon.  I guess he's trying to tell me we need to take this thing outside because rolling it around the house is not as fun.  I agree, but it's been a little too chilly to pull it around outside.

The dogs are picky about their toys (seriously, it's rediculous)
so the ones they didn't want they gave to Hill to pull around in his wagon

Hill loves his wagon and
I love this picture!
The little boy cries when you take him out of the wagon.  I think if we gave him a pillow and blanket he'd sleep in it.  I can't wait until the weather is nice and sunny so we can take a stroll!  He's going to REALLY love it then!

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