Friday, December 31, 2010

Pop Up Tent

Mid Christmas day I realized I'd forgotten to give Hill his dinosaur pop up tent. 

I reminds me of those sun shades you put up in your windshield then it twists back into a circle to store away.  Here is a visual demonstration picture from online so you get the idea how it starts out looking in a pouch.

It was one of those 'I guess you had to be there moments' because when I pulled it out of the zipper pouch it it flung into an instomatic tent.  It was absolutely hilarious.  In 1.5 nanoseconds there was a tent flying through the air assembled and ready to play in my living room.  Chip and I died laughing.  Then his comment was, how will that ever go back in that pouch?

Who cares!  We are gonna have a BLAST in this dinosaur tent!
The best $5 I've ever spent.
Me and my guy in the dino tent

Mama, you are in my tent!

Ready to camp out as Foster protects us!

spacious tent with some toys

The dinosaur at the donkey!
 I guess we aren't the only ones that like the good indoor / outdoor living
When we went over to Tanner Pettit's house
and he had a tee pee set up!  That is super fun!

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LesleyBegin said...

Just curious as to where you purchased the dinosaur tent? It's awfully cute and I would love to find one similar for my son. Thank you.1