Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Life Happens

I have been having withdrawals from blogging!  My mind is so blurry I had to look up the difference between withdraws vs. withdrawals.  I decided that withdrawals is the appropriate word since it was defined as a "discontinuation of the use of an addictive substance."  I figured that fit the mold since I've started going into detox - and it's not fun...the shakes, the rapid eye movement and my mind running on overdrive since I haven't been able to regurgitate my pointless babble over the past eleven days.  (That's 264 hours incase you were counting)
I have a few pictures (from my phone) to give you a taste of what's been going on. I will blog on some of them later since I can't seem to find the connector to my camera for the more elaborate detail of events.

Chip, Hill and I went to Oxford for the Egg Bowl (Miss State vs. Ole Miss.) I will have to post about that later once I get my pictures from the camera.

Work has been really crazy, in a good way, but required me to go in early or work a little late most every day last week.  I don't have any pictures of that, you will just have to take my word.

Monday before last, November 29th, my totally awesome selfless friend, Marsha, brought me a happy from her trip to Texas.  Kolaches.  Yup, the girl knows my weakness.  She drove them in her car all those hours of torture having to smell them and not eat them.  That is will power.  So when I went to drop off Hill at daycare that morning, there was a bright white glimmering box on the front counter with my name on it. 

I giggled like a little girl.  I got them to my office and I was going to take a picture of their glorious yum to show you all, but I forgot and stuffed them all in my mouth at one time.  Come to think of it, I wonder if people were staring at me as I ravaged them like a rabid wolf.  Wow, ummm...I hope not.  That would be embarrassing.

Then Tuesday before last, November 30th, our new fancy pants, long over due, much needed mattress arrived.  That was the best thing that has happened to me this year other than the birth of my son.  Seriously.  Once we purchased the mattress it took like 6 days before they could deliver it and I swear, Chip and I decided those last 6 days of having to force ourselves to sleep on our old mattress were torture.  It was completely unbearable.  How did we spend the last 5 years on this other thing?  Given, it was a total mental thing how unbearable our mattress became once the purchase of the new one came into play...but still, it was a glorious day with God beams and angels singing Tuesday night when I lay my weary head onto our new cloud brought to us straight from heaven.  It's also nice to wake up with my husband still located in the bed and not moved to the couch.

Old Bed
Ready for the Garage Sale
Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  All I remember is Hill having to cry himself to sleep because he decided his bedtime was no longer 7:30 but 10:30.
He too loves our new mattress, but not for sleep.  Wednesday night I thought I could get him to bed if he watched tv in our room.  Nope, not so much.  He would get on his knees and then throw himself into the 4,000 pillows I have on my bed.  Repeatedly, over and over for like 2 hours.  Finally he had to cry it out in his own bed.

Friday night was a late night.  Partying...not so much.  Parting...yes.  We had to finish getting together and setting up for our garage sale the next morning.  I was so glad to finally part ways with 99.9% of everything we set up.  IT WAS REDICULOUS how much stuff we had.  I told Chip earlier last week we didn't have a whole lot.  Ummm, I was wrong.  Maybe compared to Target we didn't have much, but by the time we set up everything I was looking like a Dirt Cheap store.  Patio furniture, Ab Lounger (used once), my pimp beach cruiser (never ridden), clothes, our old mattress (see above picture), knick knacks, coffee pots, you name it and I probably had it.

Saturday I was so nervous that people would show up at 5 am even though my ad in the paper said 6:30 am.  I woke up at 4:45 in a panic and prepared for the garage sale go'ers.  Glad my good mortitian friend Hunter came over to visit...since he was on call he'd just left work and thought he'd come hang out instead of going home to wake up his sleeping family...because my first garage seller person didn't come until 6:35am. 
I was wheelin' and dealin' my friends.  I could totally be a used car salesman.  The crowd would come in waves and at one point I had to get rowdy when a guy decided to park in my YARD.  Sorry punkin, you may park in your yard where you live but it is not acceptable to do so here.
Where were Chip and Hill the whole time you may ask?  Chip had this fear that some serial killer was going to come to our garage sale and see we have a precious infant and know where we live and come kidnap him.  You think that was a joke to get out of helping...the man was 100% serious.  Plus it was cold outside and munchkin didn't need to be in the elements. 

By 9:30 am everything we had the price became negotiable. By 9:45 everything was 50% off and by 10:00 it was group things together and name a price.  10:30 it was free.  I have a few items that fill a small box that will go to helping hands.  One mans trash is another mans treasure.  All in all, the garage sale was a success.  Which is great because my flippin washing machine almost burned down my house Monday night.  So all proceeds go to the "buy a new washing machine fund."  If you'd like to contribute dontations are kindly accepted.

So what's my little buddy been up to?  I'm proud to announce the word 'Mama' is back in his vocabulary.  I'm eating it up too.  He's pulling up on everything and walking behind his walking toys.  He can stand up without holding onto anything but then once he realizes he's not holding on he plops down as if he can't do it.  He talks on his Elmo toy phone (thanks Sassy!) and thinks that he can use all of his toys as a phone.  Sometimes he says 'hello.'  It's cute, of course.  What's not so cute is how he's figured out how to throw a temper tantrum and literally throws himself back when you are holding him, as if to do a back bend, and cries.  Not real tears, just the frustrated cry.  Temper temper.
Evil Kenevil
balancing on his walker

Time To Eat!
Foster has Hill's bib on his back and
Hill has Katie's food bowl.
So, Monday at 4:00 daycare called and said he was running 102 fever.  Great!  So I pick him up and take him to the doctor.  He has ear infections in BOTH ears.  Poor fella.  Thank goodness he tested negative for flu!  Honestly we are very fortunate this is only his second time to have an ear infection.  Cleft babies are very prone to ear problems, even if it's an incomplete cleft.  Every doctor we've ever seen has told us that.  The kid doesn't stand a chance with my bad ears and his cleft - it's double whammy.  I feel tubes will for sure be in our future.  I'm a huge advocate of them though.  I had them last year and it changed my world.

Tuesday Chip rearranged his schedule and stayed home with him.  He is such a wonderful daddy.  Even though we had a scare because Hill O.D.'d on Tylenol.  We were in a panic. Chip accidentally used the Tylenol instead of the Motrin which is double the dosage of Tylenol.  Thanks to Dr. Holdiness and our pharmacist JJ we didn't have to get his stomach pumped.  He just had a really good nap.  Then today, Wednesday, I kept him during the morning and Chip's step mom came to play the rest of the day.  He's up to snuff now.  He has a little conjestion and a hoarse voice but no fever.  Let's just hope he stays well.  My pact with myself after his 9 month visit (and stint in the hospital with pneumonia) is that he was going to stay healthy so that he didn't have to go back to the doctor until his 1 year visit.  Yeah right!  He goes to daycare!  What was I thinking?!?

So, Stinker is on the mend, Mommy is getting caught up at work and Daddy remains the fabulous man he always is. 

Oh yeah!  I did have a crafty day and ordered these Christmas PJ's from and ironed on Hill's name.  I thought they turned out cute. Go Me!

Now do you see why I've been having withdrawals from blogging?  So much going on!  If you've read this much this far you must have missed me or are very bored.  Just know, either way....I've missed you and appreciate your continual reading!

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