Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rubber Bands or Cocktails?

Day before yesterday we had to go buy a bunch of rubber bands.  I've waited for this day for a few months now and it came a little later than I thought it would.  I guess that's a good thing? 
Chip had Hill in the kitchen and Chip ran to go brush his hair before we left the house.  Chip came back and Hill had the economy size PineSol in a bear hug.  He'd figured out how to open the cabinet door under the sink where we house all the cleaners and little boy poisons. 
It's a shame he found that cabinet when he could have hit up the cabinet next to it and made a little cape cod or amaretto sour in his sippy cup.  Grow some hair on his chest. Mix a little hunch punch.  Or better yet, he might have whipped out his bottle and made a white russian or something? 

Heck, he loves to shake things...Give the boy a shaker for Christmas.  He will be making key lime pie martini's in no time!

Oh, wait...we were talking about rubber bands and PineSol weren't we?  So, sorry I was envisioning my son playing Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail.

We got the rubber Hill is super upset he can't get his hands on the dish detergent or furniture polish.
Maybe if I pull this part up?

As he shakes it back & forth

On a side note:  I didn't put a rubber band on the 'other' cabinet...just incase he decides to learn how to mix mommy a little 'sweet tea.'

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