Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rewind - Uncle Jason

I hate when I get out of chronological order! 
Here are a few pictures of when Uncle Jason came to visit October 28th - 31st. 
I Love These Boys!

Trouble 1 & Trouble 2
We went to the Ole Miss Auburn game in Oxford while Hill and Mama Lou stayed in Kosciusko and played.
Chip, Jason and I had a blast. I love and miss hanging out with my brother. It doesn't happen often enough. As for the relationship that Chip has with my family...sometimes I think they'd chose him over me any day. Chip was made to fit into my family and if you know my family, that is just plain scary.

Jason, Colonel Reb, Me

Our Auburn friends
Jason & Gena Pope

Our Nashville friends
Craig & Lindsay Sanders

Chip & Jason

Me & Chip

Jason, Me, Chip
Thanks for coming to visit Jay-ston.  We love you and can't wait until January when you come back again!

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