Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Review - Wednesday "Snot"

Nothing significant happened Wednesday except that I realized the culprit to my laziness is snot.  Yup, snot the stuff that clogs the top of your head all the way down to your nose and then goes down your throat and causes you to sound like an 85 year old Virginia Slim smoker with emphysema.  That snot.

I don't feel bad, but I don't have motivation to do things around the house either.  So, Wednesday I decided to take some pictures of the things that aren't getting done due to my snot making me lazy.  I made it through like two items then got embarrassed to show you the mountain of clothes and the dog hair tumble weeds for fear you would call the Department of Human Services on me and they'd take away my son.

Here is the culprit.
This is the snot can, it does not even put a dent in proving all the snot that has come out of my tiny nose.  I will never understand how it travels so far up in my sinus'.  The nettie pot is my best friend.  She's even had a hard time bull dozing her way through one nostril and out the other. (ewww, was that TMI?)

Because of afore mentioned picture I haven't had time wanted to do much of anything around the house.
 Poor little Hill, I finally had to load the dishwasher so my son could have a bottle to drink his night time ba-ba.  They were all dirty and it was beyond time.

Not that he lets me slow down, because he's into everything.  Here he is taking the lid from an empty baba either off the floor because he's tired of this mess and is cleaning up after us or putting it onto the floor because he's just decided to join in on the mess.  Who knows?

You get the idea, the casa is getting cleaned soon......well maybe if my snot clears up.

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