Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Birthday FOSTER!

Happy 9th birthday to my first born four legged son, Foster!
I love you sweet boy. 
Thanks for being the best big brother to Hill.
We love you!

Hill decided to write about the Top 12 reasons he loves his Bubba:

12. He let's him touch his gangly toenails
and Hill thinks it's funny.

11. He gives great advice on how to paint

10. He serves as a great wall to hold onto when
learning how to stand up

9.  He likes to hang out

8. He likes my hugs

7. We scratch each others back
and give each other a good pat every now and then.

6. He listens to deep thoughts.

5. Loves Hill's sweet kisses

4. Foster is such a good listener

3. Loves to get loving

2. Foster loves to hang out and drink
juice whenever.

The #1 Reason Hill Loves His Bubba
He's his best buddy ever.

Happy Birthday
Charles Foster Kane Hawkins
We love you so much!
(all 116 lbs of my house...shedding like crazy...with your seafood dumpster breath...)

Chip & Foster
Throwing sticks in the lake.

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