Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fly Duds: Making the world a cuter place!

Do yourself a gigantic favor and order some stuff from Christie at Etsy.com/shop/flyduds.
Hello cuteness and creativity all jumbled together in holy matrimony to make my life so simple and cute all in one single place.  Love. It.

As you know Hill has a birthday coming up.  And as you know I'm going with the Seuss theme.  And as you know I'm OCDish. So when Lauren posted about the sweet shirts she got for her little angels I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Hill's birthday shirt!

Unless you were locked in a closet throughout your childhood, which you may have been and that's ok, but you should all be familiar with Thing 1 & Thing 2


That's where the idea came from.  Hill is turning 1 and so how appropriate to make him a shirt......like this....

Thanks, Christie for working with me and making my ideas come to fruition!

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