Monday, November 15, 2010

First Hair Cut - Sort Of

For 10 months old Hill has an abundance of hair.  Until I can muster up the courage to accept that he is old enough to have a big boy hair cut, Mrs. Cornelia helped him out and cut the crazy hairs over his ears when she came to play on Wednesday the 10th.

Here are a few before & after pictures. 
Crazy Fly Away Hair
over his left ear

Say Bye-Bye Crazy Hair!

I can now concentrate without
all those crazy hairs over my ears!

You talkin' to me?
I can hear you now with out all that hair
in the way!
I'm going to have to break down really soon and just get the boy a real haircut.  We are going to need to tame those silky locks because we don't want the boy to have a mullet or rat tail in the back! 

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