Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sit. Stay. Roll Over.

You may appreciate the hilarity of this story if you have seen the millions of pictures of Hill playing with Foster.  Hill LOVES him some 116 lb, brown hair shedding everywhere, seafood dumpster breath, Foster. 

I went to pick Hill up from daycare on Friday and here's how the conversation went down:

Me: (to Hill) Hey, Buddy!  Did you have a good day?
Teacher:  Rachel, I've been meaning to ask you.  When Hill is at home does he play with the dogs?
Me: Yes.
Teacher:  Does he by chance crawl all over them?
Me: Yes.
Teacher:  Yep I figured so, well, he's doing that to all the children.  He is crawling over them and on top of them as they are on the floor playing.
Me: (unable to hold back my laughter...) I'm sorry.

I do hope that this isn't a problem.  I would have NO clue how to make him stop.  I just have this visual of Hill playing Godzilla with these kids and just crawling over them and on them and thru them.  Cracks me up.

I hope he doesn't try to eat the other kids hair or pull on their ears or pet them.  Poor kiddo, he has no manners and thinks other kids are like his brother and sisters at home. 

When Hill cries, Foster howls....then Hill thinks Foster is funny.  I hope that Hill doesn't start howling when the kids at daycare cry.  I guess we'll just have to figure out how to cross that bridge if we get there.

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