Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cleft Smiley

I was doing some research on how to handle people that make comments about how your cleft baby looks different or that ask "what's wrong with him?"  Yes, people comment more often than you think. 

I know it's silly of me to worry with this but I want to not take offense at their uneducated snarky tone and be a bigger person. Also, I truly want to help the ones that are sincere and want to understand.  Especially the children.  I don't fault anyone for not knowing or having questions, hell 11 months ago I was just as clueless.  I was just looking to learn how to better react and better phrase myself.

Did you know that every three minutes, a child with a cleft condition is born? (  That is so amazing to me.  So unreal.

Anyway, I guess I needed to get that off my chest or something....sorry.  Here is what I wanted to post.  I came across this really cute smiley face in my research and it made me happy.  I thought I'd share it.


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Wyeth Family said...

:) Some people are just unreal at times. I can't tell you the countless times someone has commented or asked a question about Sam being adopted. Or my "favorite" question since Eli has been born is, "Now, which one is really yours?" Burns me up, but I have learned to smile and walk away. Even though I feel like tackling them! People are just clueless! BTW, I Hill is beautiful in his pics! Yep, I said beautiful! Precious!