Monday, November 08, 2010

10 Months - What's New?

It is as crazy for me to type as it is for me to say.....
Hill will be 10 months old this week!  (insert old lady voice here) Where does the time go?  They grow up so fast!

Unbelieveable.  Hill is so unbelievable and smart and funny and the love of my life.
I haven't posted a "what's he doing now" type post but he's doing so many new crazy grown up little boy things now I have to make a list.
  • He is still undecided if he likes to feed himself or still eat baby food by a spoon.  He can definately do both but it depends on his mood.  He ALWAYS has enough room for more puffs, cheerios, goldfish or mini club crackers no matter what.  He is a big snacker like his mama and daddy.
  • The dogs LOVE it now that Hill has food he can throw on the floor to them.  They are like vultures waiting for the food to fall.  It's really annoying being that I've prided myself in not giving my dogs people food their whole lives!
  • He does share his snacks with you though.  He will put cheerios in your mouth for you and when you crunch on them he just laughs and laughs.
  • He has been using a sippy cup for a couple of months now but still prefers to drink out of his bottle.  He drinks 6 oz of formula 4 times a day.
    • One when he wakes up, one after his morning nap, one after his afternoon nap and one before bed.
    • He drinks juice or G2 Gatorade from his sippy cup
  • He now says and associates his ba-ba (bottle) with drinking.
  • He is still infatuated with saying da-da about pretty much everything.  You can sometimes get a hey, ba-ba, dog, or a mama on rare occasions.
  • He knows how to make fart noises.  You can ask him what his dinosaur says and he says, "Pfffttttttt"  HILARIOUS!
    • Why does he make that noise?  Probably because his dinosaur bath toy sucks up water and when you squeeze it to shoot the water out of its mouth it makes that noise when it's about out of water.  That's the only answer I have for that.
  • Bath time by far is his ultimate favorite time.  Last Monday he learned how to turn on the cold water by himself.  Not so much into learning how to turn it off though.  When you put him on the floor to run his bathwater he pulls himself up on the side of the tub and bounces up and down.  Soo excited!
  • He also has a dolphin much like his bath time dinosaur but Hill likes to open his mouth for you to squirt the water into his mouth from the dolphins mouth.  Where he comes up with this stuff I'll never know.
  • He has out grown his sweet little hooded towels, they just don't wrap around big and snuggly like mamas towels do.
  • Ugh, last Wednesday we had a first.  A poop in the tub.  I couldn't be lucky enough to have a solid poo either, it was a diahrrea day.  I screamed, Hill was confused, Chip was grossed out.  It was traumatic.  We moved to the guest bathroom for a few days until I could get over that he'd pooped in his tub. (yes I cleaned it out immediately)
  • He wakes up early.....every morning.  He can go to bed at 7 or at 8 pm and no matter what - he's going to be up anytime between 5:30 and 6:30 - sometimes you get a rare 7:00 am.  He's up and at em' ready to have his ba-ba and play play play!  Me, not so much.  I struggle, as does Chip.  Yes, Chip, the one that never slept a wink ever in his whole life, 'sleeping is boring' 'sleeping is a waste of time' up until I got pregnant and then it was like a light switch.  He could automatically sleep.  All those years of not sleeping caught up with him mere months before I birthed our son. Rediculous.
  • He wears a size 4 diaper, the night time 12 hour absorpancy kind 24-7.  They look huge on him, but the size 3's don't hold it all in.
  • We have chronic diaper rashes it seems.  He has yeast infections often that we got some bubonic cream for and it will knock it out in about 2 days.
  • He loves books, clanking toys together or a spoon with a bowl.  Anything to make music.  If there is no music, that's ok, he's got some in his head to dance to.  He is a dancing machine.  He will go up to his toys and hit the button to make them sing and he will dance dance dance, then it stops and he hits the button again and again and again.  It's a never ending dance party.
  • When we are in the car he sings...a lot.  Even if there is no music, you can hear him back there he gets high pitched then low pitched.  It's hysterical.  I call it singing both the girl and boy parts of songs.  Acapella all the way.
  • He still loves his swing.  I have no idea what we are going to do when he grows out of it.  He will sit in his swing and watch tv or look around for hours.  He loves to sleep in it and it's great for the fussy times he wants to fight night night time.
  • He has to have his paci and something soft to go to sleep with.  I rock him every night.  I love it.  I dread the day he doesn't want me to do that anymore.  I will probably cry.
  • He pulls up on everything.  Did I say everything because I meant EVERYTHING! Coffee table, couch, bar stools, dining room chairs, cabinets, tables, dogs, doors, toys, legs, cars, trees, paper shredders, bookshelves, dishwasher, bathtub, toilets, dressers.  Pretty much everything.  He will hold on and walk around it once he's pulled up.  So smart, that little boy of mine.
  • He's gotten into the "Mama Phase" as I like to call it.  He wants his Mama 24-7, even though he won't say my name he just cries and cries and cries when he sees me doing something, anything and he's not in my arms.  Sort of sweet, but unproductive at the same time.  I fear temper tantrums are going to be super bad if I can't figure out how to nip this in the bud ASAP.  He doesn't understand when I say, "How about No!" like the rest of my family does and then just get over it.
  • He does understand the word No.  He won't always tell you that he does, but he does.
  • I like it when he twirls around on his bootie.  He will sit on his bum and grab a toy to his left then uses his feet to spin himself to get something on the other side.  He's like a carousel.  Never moves, just spins.
  • He wears a size 9 month pants, 12-18 month shirts and size 3 shoe.
  • If you open the drawers to his dresser he will manage to take every folded article of clothing in it...out.  One by one.  It's so funny....but he's the only one laughing.
  • His hair is so long, he needs to have the hair above his ears cut because it's pretty much crazy wild and afros out.  Sometimes when he rubs his hair with his hands everywhere he looks like an unkempt homeless child.  Poor kiddo.  When it's brushed and in place he has beautiful soft fine blonde hair with awesome highlights that movie stars would pay big money for.
  • He will come and give you kisses if you ask for them.  They are still open mouth, not as slobbery, but with teeth now.  He likes to bite your cheek or nose so be careful!
  • His hugs....are the best ever.  He holds so tight and just loves loves loves on you.  He's my little snuggle bug.
  • He is really into pointing.  He points like he's saying he's 1 year old.  That's at least what I tell people - we are practicing for the big day!  I laugh when he does it though because it's like he's pointing as if to say, "To the Batcave!"  We also play ET phone home.  I touch my finger to his and it kills him.  He just cracks up.
  • He thinks his daddy is the funniest person alive.
All in all he's pretty much the most special, beautiful, fun loving, awesome little guy on the face of the planet.  He melts my heart and is all I think about whether we are together or apart.  I can't believe he's going to be 10 months old on Friday!  I want to bottle up this past year and make sure not one second of it is forgotten.  All I have to say is that I'm so glad I have this blog to document it.  Yay for my little big man...all grown up and going off to college next week (or so it seems.)

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