Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Review - Tuesday "GNO"

I really should get out more because to me GNO sounds like some neo physic molecule or some new political party or possibly an abbreviation for a diaper rash Hill may have come down with- - but in all reality it stands for Girls Night Out.  What do I know about that?  What is that?  How do you pronounce that? Gu-ir-wls Nih-t Owwt.  New concept, crazy concept! 

Ok, so I'm being a bit rediculous.  I know what a girls night out is.  Chip and Hill had a boys night in on Tuesday while I went....well, umm out. 

Traditions and Trends, a fabulous retial shop on the Square, put it on and me and about 30 of my closest friends (maybe like 25 because I didn't know some of the people) gathered at a local restaurant, Helpdesk, and had dinner and painted our own Christmas canvas.  Oh My Goodness, I had so much fun painting!  The teacher walked us through it step by step as we all painted the same thing, but with our own special touches.  Here you can see how everyones is the same, but different. 
(I stole pictures from everyone elses blog since I didn't take my camera, but I posted the links to their blogs to give them credit.)

Kayla and Gena


Lauren, Jennifer, Corti and Shea

My picture!
(after I got it home and smeared the corners
on my jacket and purse)

I had a great time!  After we painted we went across the way to Traditions and Trends because they opened up their doors after hours for us to shop!  Great discounts and fabulous time to purchase the things I'd been eyeing in there!

So, my question is...Karen, Melissa, Mary Margaret (Traditions & Trends peeps)- can we do this again next week and then the next and then the one after that too?

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