Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Review - Sunday

We have had a really really busy week.  I would start in chronological order, but I don't have all the pictures I need yet from last Saturday at the Presbyterian Day School Fall Harvest Festival that JJ and I took the boys to.  So, we will start with Sunday...

We went to church, it starts at 10:30, but Hill's nap time is 9:30 so I thought I was being brilliant by letting him get really sleepy then give him his bottle in church and then he could catch some zzz's.  Ha, ha...all you veteran mothers are like cracking up at me thinking I should have known better than that.  He was good for the first 3/4 of church playing with his quiet toys, smiling at all the people, eating cheerios, feeding me cheerios, dropping stuff over the pew so the guy behind us could pick it up.  He did a little singing and dancing and praying.  He loves it when everyone sings or prays in unison, he thinks they are talking to him.

All was well, then he got sleepy.  He started talking really loud (and if you are familiar with the Episcopal church it's old and small and voices carry) he didn't want me to hold him, wanted to BANG his toys on the pews and crawl about.  Again, the church is small, not many people and they always say for me to not leave that they love having Hill there and his sweet voice ringing throughout the rafters.  Ok, so I made up the rafter part, but they do say his crying or jabbing is totally acceptable and for me not to leave. 

I didn't leave this last Sunday but the Sunday before that when we went I did leave because I was being the disruptive one!  Hill thought it was funny to give me kisses then to CHOMP down on my lip or my cheek with his razor teeth.  It hurt so bad I yelled out!  Yes, we are "that" family.  The disruptive ones.  They don't have a nursery so don't think I'm intentionally punishing myself and the congregation.  He really is good in church, just not when he doesn't have a nap. 

After church we got to the car and Chip said, "What a great sermon, I really enjoyed it."  I said, "all I got out of it was something about denominations and then the rest is just cheerios and books.  I am exhausted." Lesson learned, Hill will have his nap before church from now on.

After church we had to go clean out the camper.  I've probably not mentioned it but this summer we bought a FEMA camper.  Don't turn up your nose.  It was probably the cleanest one that came off the auction block.  We enjoyed it this summer out at the Country Club lake, but once Hill became mobile it wasn't functional for his sleeping and we just didn't really use it that much.  So we decided to sell it.  I was glad, not that it was a burden on us or anything, but I could think of like 8 other things I'd rather have like a new mattress or garage door or gun safe or front door or a standing weekly massage appointment or really just something more functional in my everyday life.

So, that was Sunday - church and getting the stuff out of the camper so the guy that bought it could take it away.  I think I may have gone to bed at like 8:00 that night.

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