Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here I Am!

I'm here! I started to blog yesterday but didn't have enough time to upload all the pictures for my entry. I will try to do so tonight. It was a busy weekend!

P.S. I am so sad. None of you guessed my movie quote!
It was from the 1994 movie "Reality Bites"
If you have not seen this movie it has a bunch of good one liners and a killer soundtrack. It was directed by Ben Stiller and has actors like Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder, Ben Stiller, Renee Zellweger, Janeane Garofalo and a cameo from Andy Dick. Definitely a rainy afternoon movie.

Friday, June 26, 2009

BBQ, SnoCone & Sit Ups

Today is the June Jam up on the town Square. They have a BBQ Battle going on between about 6 or 7 teams both locally and from out of state. Being that my office is on the Square it's all I've thought about most of the morning. They started up around 10am selling plates and sandwiches and will keep on cooking on into the night with a band to start up around 7 or so. I'm not sure what time the judging is but our friends Mr. Fred and Chivas are competing. They won most all of the awards given last year except for 1, I think. They go around competing often and just love it. I love it too because we get to eat their food all the time. For lunch I had a pulled pork sandwich with Fred's famous beans and slaw. It was Divine. For dinner I plan on eating ribs.

Our plan for tonight is to go up to the Square once it cools off a little bit, take our lawn chairs and hang out with a bunch of friends at Mr. Fred and Chivas' booth/tent. Our Wednesday night swim group will be there along with many many others. Afterwards the party will move to Mr. Fred's house where we will more than likely graze on left over BBQ. Yum. I have officially invited all of you - Tasha won't mind.

So anyway funny funny things are going on in the world of my tum tum.

1st of all I am thoroughly enjoying a cherry sno cone as we speak. Why is this weird? Because cherry would probably be my last choice for a sno cone, next to grape - which I have been eating grape jolly ranchers instead if my favorite green apple - I don't even know who I am anymore!

Then 2nd my lower abdomen is so sore, it's like I've done 65,000 sit ups.....but as we all know I have not even come close to doing that in my lifetime. I can only assume my muscles, ligaments, organs and baby are all doing their thing and making things uncomfortable. To all my mommy friends out there......is my assumption true or should I be worrying about something? I am so naive.

Movie Quote: What movie did this line come from?

"Evian is naive spelled backwards. "

Sorry I don't have awesome prizes to give away to the winner like Pioneer Woman does; but I appreciate our friendship and hopefully that will be a good enough prize for you.

Maybe? Maybe Not? Maybe you want a pair of $400 Lucchese boots too?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Therapy

Last night after a long day of work I came home and helped Chip study for his midterm test. He did so well and knew every definition off the cuff that he deserved to take a break and so we treated ourselves to KFC and a swim out at the Country Club. It was so fun because our friends Fred & Tasha came with their little girl, Britlon, JJ got to come hang out, as well as Hart & Whitney with Tanner. It was very relaxing and fun, I hate I didn't get any pictures!

We decided that we would try to come every Wednesday night.....our Wednesday Night Church, if you will. Britlon, who is 7, said she didn't mind it as long as there was No Kissing! She said this because Chip had given me a little kiss a few minutes earlier. Since our Church has no true denomination or rules just good fellowship, I told her that kissing was part of our worship.

Tanner was a swimming little frog, he is 9 months. Whitney would hold him and he'd just cruise along the top of the water wiggling his tiny hiney and kicking. I think he had a great time. I think we all had a great time! JJ and I got the scoop on all things baby and still have so much to learn from Tasha and Whitney. I can't wait until next Wednesday for more friends, fun and fellowship......it's very therapeutic.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congrats to my friends!

The hardest thing other than keeping your baby a secret is keeping your closest of friends pregnancy a secret too! So it was triple whammy for Chip and I.......but we have finally been given the go ahead and are really excited and shocked at the closeness of all of our friends due dates. (And I swear it was not planned)

JJ and Allen Warrington are expecting Baby Warrington January 17, 2010. I got to see sonogram pictures last night and you can make out the lips and eyes. It's wild!

Elizabeth (Steele) "Ed" and Mike Kaiser are expecting Baby Kaiser January 18, 2010. Her appointment was yesterday and she got to see a spinal cord and the left and right side of the brain.

It's amazing how different all of our sonograms were and how rapid the baby is developing just to be a few days apart (I'm due January 14th).

I am secret free for this week, well as of today. Unless there is something someone needs to tell me? Keeping secrets reminds me of when Daniel was going to propose to sm2 on her birthday. I probably ruined the moment when I hadn't heard from them by like 10:00 so I had to call. She swears to me I didn't interrupt the proposal, but I was so giddy like a kid at Christmas for her. That was a fun secret and falls into the category of hard secrets to not shout from the rooftop. If you check out her blog then you can see her and hubby are super cute and are expecting Baby Martin this year....they are going to be the fun parents that everyone wishes they had.

My friend Marsha let me in on the importance of knowing who is pregnant the same time you are. This way you know who will be in your kids class or age range for play dates, etc. Even though I have told you all that Kosciusko is the reproduction factory of the South - maybe you will believe me now. Don't freak out but there are 14 of my friends (including me) just in Kosciusko that are currently "with child." 2 of them did have their baby last week, but still. How crazy is that? Now counting friends that live in Oxford, TN, and TX = 3 and then there is my sister in law, Jane Claire, who lives on the Coast due in December. For those of you that are still trying to add up the babies due between last week and January that is 18 kids....well 19 because Christy is having twins. I guess Chip and I need to not only start a college fund for our kiddo, but a birthday party present fund so we can draw interest and afford gifts for all of Baby Hawkins friends birthday parties.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deer Flies

We have a new sport at the Hawkins residence.
It's much like tennis, but not as strenuous. Let me show you how it works...

This is Chip

This is Chip with a Fly Swatter

Any Questions?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Hawkins 1st Picture

I know, I know......I am being "that" person! "Look at my baby, Look at my baby!"

Here is a picture of Baby Hawkins. Does it look like a Hill Hawkins? Does it look like a Weslyn Hawkins? I guess we will find out in August what it is.........this is only the 1st photo at 9 weeks 4 days.

Ok, so I think I just publicly named our baby if it's a girl and haven't told my husband. Weslyn, is my favorite name and on the top of our / my list.
Grandfater = Wesley & My middle name = Lynn = = = Weslyn

Here is Baby Hawkins 1st Picture.

Here is Baby Hawkins 1st Picture Explained
(It looks like Baby Hawkins wrote the words,
but it was me and my lack of skill in writing in notepad)

This is super fuzzy being that it was taken from a cell phone from our sonogram. I will try to get the real pictures scanned when I have a minute. I will also try to upload the sonogram but it is not being very cooperative.

Hello, Goodbye

Chip and I had a GREAT weekend with my dad and Pam. The Childers/Hawkins Families always seem to plan their schedule around food. Since I am spoiled and have my own personal chef, let me tell you what Chef Chippy made for us while they were here. Thursday we had homemade spaghetti (Chip only eats his spaghetti) it's made with venison and a blend of Chippy Spices. Friday lunch we ate at the Cafe with Adrienne & Ed, then for dinner Chip made Cornish Game Hen with a Teriyaki Glaze, lima beans and a spring salad. Saturday we made sandwiches (pastrami with Swiss on Rye) and went to the Country Club and played in the boat and swam then came home to prepare Father's Day dinner for dad and Pam, Charlie and Joyce (Chip's dad & step mom) and Meryl (step sister) and little Shane Preston (nephew). We had Shrimp with cream cheese wrapped in bacon on the grill then smothered with guiriere cheese and crisp green beans and pineapple salad. Geez, it was all so good! We all had a good time.

Sunday afternoon we ate Amerigo and then dropped them off at the airport. We came home and I tackled my closet. After all the good food and expansion of my belt I decided that a little preventative maintenance was necessary in order to prevent a pregnant woman from being a sad hormonal blah every morning. I went through my closet and took out all clothes that I may want to wear, but can't due to inappropriate tightness. You all know what I mean. In March, after I'd lost 25lbs I went up in the closet and pulled down tons of clothes that I had and could now wear, but it was like - Hello, Goodbye - because the clothes I could pull off 10lbs ago are being packed up and sent back to their resting place in the attic. Sigh...I was so proud of my new found old wardrobe....just to be teased for a few weeks. Now, it's a little more serious because the old clothes are taking new members with them to the attic. It's ok though. I did the whole, "stop pretending Rachel, it's not cute" turn in the mirror before I packed them away while others I just saved the humiliation and pain and tossed them into the pile without a final spin. It was very painful but in the end I feel better about it.

I am of the impression it will be easier to wake up and walk into my closet and say, these are your options suck it up; instead of pulling out the clothes with the "inappropriate tightness" and trying to pull it off. My closet is a sad sad place to visit these days I'm trying to change that. For the next 7 months (even in the winter) you will be seeing me in my $7 cotton Wal-Mart shorts over and over and over. I bought grey and blue and in multiple sizes to accommodate my growth and prevent sadness. Don't talk about me, they are my new favorite shorts and you will get tired of seeing them.....I promise. In the mean time I am not sad.......until next month when I have to go through this process again.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Really There

Being the visual learner I am, once seeing the baby in my tummy after the sonogram it became official and real to me. Before hand I knew it was there but I couldn't see it and was like this tapeworm makes me hungry all day. Then I started feeling bloated and was really concerned that there were 2 tapeworms in there. I asked the sonogram lady twice....."Are you sure there is only one baby in there?" Chip and I talked about it before our appointment, what if it's twins. I personally think it would be great, I'm all about killing 2 birds with one stone and productiveness (not so much re productiveness) but Chip wasn't so sure about the whole twin thing. (Sorry, Christy) I said what would you do if it were twins...he said "Ummm...faint." Which looking back now he did wait to get up from the chair to come see the sonogram AFTER I asked how many babies were in there. My lone little 1.1 inch triathlon runner, swimmer, bicycler was just a kicking away during the sonogram. It was absolutely weird.

Back flash.....April 9th, 2006 (the day after our wedding). We are driving down to Alabama to go on our honeymoon cruise. Groom says, "Hey, there is something I really need to tell you." The new brides stomach does a flip flop, "Uhhh, ok honey.......what is it?" Groom, "Well, I really hope that you aren't planning on our kids being athletic because I mean, I never really was athletic and not sure that it's possible for our kids to be." Bride, "Well, I guess that will be ok."

Now look at that little green medium sized olive in my belly just a running running running. He/She may not be able to do a triathlon once out of my tum tum, but we can at least say at one point in his/her life they were very athletic.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Good Gawd, this has been the hardest secret I've ever had to keep in all of my life! The weekend of Mother's Day, Chip and I found out we are expecting our first baby! I know, shock right? Well not so much for us, we were somewhat looking forward to a little one to help complete the circle. We knew it was too early in the game to tell people and the blue line on the home pregnancy test couldn't turn the right shade of blue for Chip to believe it. It didn't matter, we were in it for real. So........
For Mother's Day this year Katie Lou sent my mom and step mom this picture.
That Katie, she is so silly and loves to have her picture taken.

My step mom, Pam, asked if we were getting a new puppy and my mom who always receives pictures of Katie was just admiring Katie's glamorous picture taking pose and not reading her shirt. Once they both figured it out I think I heard them scream from 700 miles away. All my mom could say was "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" I was on the phone with my dad when Pam opened her email and Pam must have had a puzzled look on her face because dad was asking what does the email say? Pam said, "It's Katie Lou in a t-shrit that says I'm going to be a big sister" and my dad paused and said nonchalantly, "Are you pregnant?"

Chip's family was quite hilarious too. We went to Adrienne's (Chip's mom) gave her a Mother's Day card and were just hanging out on the couch. Adrienne asked what's been going on and Chip in the most normal of voices say, "Not much, Rachel is having a baby." I am pretty sure that electricity shot through the chair Adrienne was in because she jumped up like she had been electrocuted and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She was nothing less than shocked, surprised and elated. Breaking the news to Charlie and Joyce (Chip's dad and step mom) was a little more laid back maybe not as surprised, but positively the most emotional of all 4 sets of parents. Joyce had been saying her Novena Prayers to St. Therese for us to have a baby and my goodness it must have worked over night. We all had "happy tears" as we shared the news.

Everyone was shocked and that's the way we wanted it.

Since we didn't have a sonogram and I had peed on too many home pregnancy test to fit into one 4x6 photo to send the parents......this is what I gave them.
Warning: If you are hormonal you will cry every time you read it.

I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss.
I don't yet have a name.

Not yet can you hold my tiny hands,
Nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
Or cuddle me so near.

But all that will change come next year;
When they say I am due.
I am your newest grandchild;
And I can't wait until I meet you!

All I ask between now and then
Is your love for me to grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait;
Just think of all the joy we'll know!

So as you're waiting patiently,
Please pray lots of prayers for me.
I cannot wait to be a part
Of this wonderful family!

Happy Mother’s Day 2009
Chip, Rachel & Baby

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ode to Gina

Gina is my friend that I work with, she is also the keeper of the candy on the 3rd floor. She is always very nice to everyone and I felt like I needed to pay a little tribute to her.
I wrote a couple of Haiku's in her honor.

Gina is my friend.
Skittles makes my mouth happy.
She gives me candy.

Provides me with junk.
That ends up on my big butt.
You are nice to me.

Happy smiling girl.
Hi, Barry Winford's office.
Today is Friday.

Thanks, Gina. You are a great friend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Chocolate in the Summer

I think I have stooped to a new low. Have you ever been so hungry that you considered eating the powder from the hot chocolate mix that's been sitting in your desk drawer for eons? No, no silly. I didn't do it but I really really considered it until I found on the box where it said it expired 2 years ago. I tossed it and now am back to square one. I guess I can wait, I probably won't blow away or anything. I could go to the 3rd Floor again on one of my Tasmanian devil tornadic guilt sprees, but I will refrain. The guilt is what hurts the most.
Ah ha! Guess what I found....the squished and melted Fiber One bar in my purse! JACKPOT! I should probably add Oats & Chocolate to the things I like list- better yet, Fiber One will officially be kicking Special K off the list.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Ok, so it's not so much just dinner, but for the weekend. Next weekend (the 18th -21st) my dad and Pam are coming to visit me and Chip. They have only been to Kosciusko once and that was when we got married. It will be fun to have them in our home, show them our home and then maybe go to Wal-Mart. Just kidding, there is more to do around here than go to Wal-Mart.

They arrive on Thursday afternoon and I'm not sure what the plan is, but they said to make no plans because they just want to hang out and relax. That's a good thing because after Wal-Mart I just don't have that much scheduled.

Friday, I have to work so I figure maybe they will want to landscape my yard??? Wishful thinking?? Dad said something about helping us find a small old house to move to the back yard to fix up for a guest house or a play house for Chip....as if our adult tree house was not enough? We'd love to have something like that back there and my dad is the guru of making a treasure out of trash for nothing. He should have his own HGTV show, I swear. His latest endeavour was to move a house he bought for $400 onto a different lot, fix it up, and sell it. He's not yet finished with it, but the appraisal came in at like $160,000 or $180,000 I can't remember. It's ridiculous. Anyway, I hope something comes of our house hunt including the winning of the lottery to pay for this potential project.
Then I think that we are planning a ski / boating day out at the Country Club on Saturday. Chip will cook his famous shrimp recipe for a great Father's Day Dinner and then maybe they will finish landscaping my yard and we will take them back to the airport Sunday evening.

Now the things we have to do before they get here........Sigh. They are things that should have been done a while back but much like Leah Maria, special events give us reasons to whip everything into shape at a faster pace.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Relay for Life

Hey all. I have finally had a chance to settle from my busy week last week. It was a melting pot of activities every night apart from working 8 hours each day. Friday night was our local Relay for Life and I just have to say that this little town never ceases to amaze me. It's been about 7 or 8 months of coordinating teams, making sure they have everything they need, recruiting more teams and pretty much realizing they are all very self sufficient. I am so proud of the teams, sponsors, donors, volunteers and others that helped raise over $90,000 to help benefit the American Cancer Society. Money is still coming in and will be until August 30th. Our goal was $100,000 and I can't imagine why we won't hit it. Amazing. Amazing that during the economic times over 30 teams and hundreds of local volunteers raised such a large amount of money in about 5 or 6 months. I still can't get my head around it. It leaves me speechless and that is something that rarely happens.