Friday, June 12, 2009

Ode to Gina

Gina is my friend that I work with, she is also the keeper of the candy on the 3rd floor. She is always very nice to everyone and I felt like I needed to pay a little tribute to her.
I wrote a couple of Haiku's in her honor.

Gina is my friend.
Skittles makes my mouth happy.
She gives me candy.

Provides me with junk.
That ends up on my big butt.
You are nice to me.

Happy smiling girl.
Hi, Barry Winford's office.
Today is Friday.

Thanks, Gina. You are a great friend!

1 comment:

Marsha said...

I'm very relieved that the 3rd floor candy stash is still there...I made it thru many a hard day because of it:)