Friday, June 26, 2009

BBQ, SnoCone & Sit Ups

Today is the June Jam up on the town Square. They have a BBQ Battle going on between about 6 or 7 teams both locally and from out of state. Being that my office is on the Square it's all I've thought about most of the morning. They started up around 10am selling plates and sandwiches and will keep on cooking on into the night with a band to start up around 7 or so. I'm not sure what time the judging is but our friends Mr. Fred and Chivas are competing. They won most all of the awards given last year except for 1, I think. They go around competing often and just love it. I love it too because we get to eat their food all the time. For lunch I had a pulled pork sandwich with Fred's famous beans and slaw. It was Divine. For dinner I plan on eating ribs.

Our plan for tonight is to go up to the Square once it cools off a little bit, take our lawn chairs and hang out with a bunch of friends at Mr. Fred and Chivas' booth/tent. Our Wednesday night swim group will be there along with many many others. Afterwards the party will move to Mr. Fred's house where we will more than likely graze on left over BBQ. Yum. I have officially invited all of you - Tasha won't mind.

So anyway funny funny things are going on in the world of my tum tum.

1st of all I am thoroughly enjoying a cherry sno cone as we speak. Why is this weird? Because cherry would probably be my last choice for a sno cone, next to grape - which I have been eating grape jolly ranchers instead if my favorite green apple - I don't even know who I am anymore!

Then 2nd my lower abdomen is so sore, it's like I've done 65,000 sit ups.....but as we all know I have not even come close to doing that in my lifetime. I can only assume my muscles, ligaments, organs and baby are all doing their thing and making things uncomfortable. To all my mommy friends out my assumption true or should I be worrying about something? I am so naive.

Movie Quote: What movie did this line come from?

"Evian is naive spelled backwards. "

Sorry I don't have awesome prizes to give away to the winner like Pioneer Woman does; but I appreciate our friendship and hopefully that will be a good enough prize for you.

Maybe? Maybe Not? Maybe you want a pair of $400 Lucchese boots too?


l cummins said...

This is the conclusion I've come to over my course of pregnancies...and we all know I've had my fair share. Mothers-to-be are so much more aware of everything going on in and around their bodies when there is a little one growing inside - even things we normally wouldn't even notice...honestly, it's probably nothing more than your body stretching and growing..which it won't stop doing any time soon, sorry to say! Enjoy the BBQ - and we would take you up on your invite to Tasha's (even though she doesn't know she - I mean you - invited us) but we're headed to PLAY BALL...imagine that. Y'all have fun!

Disclaimer: If you are really, really worried, don't ever hesitate to call your doctor - they are used to new pregnant mamas :)

l cummins said...

Man, that looks like I just wrote a whole new post of my own...sorry about that!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Lindsey! You can post anytime you want to on my blog! I welcome it.
Maybe one day baseball will be over with and we can hang out. Thank goodness that Tasha doesn't care that I just invited all of my 2 readers...everyone is invited - they'd love it. Lord knows Fred would have enough food for everyone that showed up! Anyway, after the game if you guys are hungry (or thirsty) or want to hang out please swing by! You are cordially invited....per me who speaks on behalf of Tasha. Haha!

Flowers said...
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amie simpson said...

i think i remember feeling like that. I'm pretty sure I was nervous too, but it was stretching of everything down there. Not such a fun feeling, but i think it is normal with pregnancy. Hope you are feeling well..

Jennifer said...

Yes - I certainly remember all the scary aches and weird feelings in the beginning. Some of them could be pretty painful too...and I agree with Lindsey - if you ever get too worried, just call your doc! Mine sure heard from me a lot during my first trimester!