Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congrats to my friends!

The hardest thing other than keeping your baby a secret is keeping your closest of friends pregnancy a secret too! So it was triple whammy for Chip and I.......but we have finally been given the go ahead and are really excited and shocked at the closeness of all of our friends due dates. (And I swear it was not planned)

JJ and Allen Warrington are expecting Baby Warrington January 17, 2010. I got to see sonogram pictures last night and you can make out the lips and eyes. It's wild!

Elizabeth (Steele) "Ed" and Mike Kaiser are expecting Baby Kaiser January 18, 2010. Her appointment was yesterday and she got to see a spinal cord and the left and right side of the brain.

It's amazing how different all of our sonograms were and how rapid the baby is developing just to be a few days apart (I'm due January 14th).

I am secret free for this week, well as of today. Unless there is something someone needs to tell me? Keeping secrets reminds me of when Daniel was going to propose to sm2 on her birthday. I probably ruined the moment when I hadn't heard from them by like 10:00 so I had to call. She swears to me I didn't interrupt the proposal, but I was so giddy like a kid at Christmas for her. That was a fun secret and falls into the category of hard secrets to not shout from the rooftop. If you check out her blog then you can see her and hubby are super cute and are expecting Baby Martin this year....they are going to be the fun parents that everyone wishes they had.

My friend Marsha let me in on the importance of knowing who is pregnant the same time you are. This way you know who will be in your kids class or age range for play dates, etc. Even though I have told you all that Kosciusko is the reproduction factory of the South - maybe you will believe me now. Don't freak out but there are 14 of my friends (including me) just in Kosciusko that are currently "with child." 2 of them did have their baby last week, but still. How crazy is that? Now counting friends that live in Oxford, TN, and TX = 3 and then there is my sister in law, Jane Claire, who lives on the Coast due in December. For those of you that are still trying to add up the babies due between last week and January that is 18 kids....well 19 because Christy is having twins. I guess Chip and I need to not only start a college fund for our kiddo, but a birthday party present fund so we can draw interest and afford gifts for all of Baby Hawkins friends birthday parties.

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