Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Chocolate in the Summer

I think I have stooped to a new low. Have you ever been so hungry that you considered eating the powder from the hot chocolate mix that's been sitting in your desk drawer for eons? No, no silly. I didn't do it but I really really considered it until I found on the box where it said it expired 2 years ago. I tossed it and now am back to square one. I guess I can wait, I probably won't blow away or anything. I could go to the 3rd Floor again on one of my Tasmanian devil tornadic guilt sprees, but I will refrain. The guilt is what hurts the most.
Ah ha! Guess what I found....the squished and melted Fiber One bar in my purse! JACKPOT! I should probably add Oats & Chocolate to the things I like list- better yet, Fiber One will officially be kicking Special K off the list.

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Christy said...

So funny that you mentioned the expiration date on your hot chocolate package. On Monday I made some chicken and dumplings...another great for the summer...right? Well I used some crisco that I noticed didn't look right...but Billy said crisco didn't instead of looking at the bottom of the container...I used it. :( BIG Mistake. It was so terrible. Neither one of us were able to eat my dinner that I slaved over all evening. We ended up ordering a pizza. Just thought you'd like to hear that one.