Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was the grunk!

I was sitting at work and fell into a funk. I then remembered the 3rd floor candy drawer and could hear it in the distance calling my name - telling me it would make me feel better if I just had a couple of the mini snickers, mini kit kat, mini 3 musketeers, mini york peppermint patties, mini hershey's special dark chocolates, mini milky way, mini dark chocolate milky way and my weakness the mini heath bars.

I tried to fight it off but the grunk that lives in my head went to the elevator (didn't even take the stairs,) went to the 3rd floor and rummaged through the candy drawer and took out every single one of the above mentioned candies even two of some and went back the grunks desk and ate all of it. I kid you not. I consumed no less than 490731468726 mini candies. I had so much chocolate that I had to go refill my water bottle because I got parched.

The cleaning lady will empty my trash can and think I had fallen into a diabetic coma or had one heck of a party at my desk, but was only me, all by my lonesome in such a short time span that consumed all of that sugary goodness. I'd go through my garbage and count how many wrappers I have in there, but I don't know that I can count that high....nor do I think I have the energy to bend over.


sm2 said...

hooray for new blog posts and a whole new look! I like it! Keep em comin'!

Lisa Blair said...

YUM. Just think of it as one King size candy bar. I don't even keep count of the number of Hershey Kisses I eat each week. It is better not to to keep track, I think.

I would eat nothing but junk if that stash was mere steps away from my desk. I love sweets.