Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No such luck

I had full intentions of updating what my page looks like, but have not had the opportunity.

Maybe when I update the format I can upload the before pictures of the 'new' boat. No after just yet because she's not done!

Chip and I have worked really hard on making her pur-dy. Chip took the upholstery to Jackson yesterday to be redone. This go round I am not doing it myself....I want everything done right. It's not like I didn't recover the seats right on the old boat, but it was not any type of fancy tuck and roll job. More like fold staple then staple again and then maybe again over here. This is Chip's dream boat and I don't want it rigged up.

I did put a little elbow grease on her last night, Step 3 of the 3 step shine process, and I think I need to go back again and do step 2 a couple times and then go onto step 3. When we got her the paint was not a bit shiny - more like a big blob cloud. You will see what I am talking about once I upload pictures. You have to have vision. Most all of my friends are creative so either you will think we are on drugs or see the same beauty we do!

We don't know how red-neck-ish it would be if we named her. We want something quirky and fun. I'm up for suggestions....maybe we can have a contest once she is finished.

Well, we are going to New Orleans this weekend to hang out with my brother and his lady friend. Maybe hit up the Jazz Fest, maybe not. It will be great fun to play with the always ridiculously stupid Jason. Should be in for a good time! I will try to remember my camera so I can get evidence of the silliness!

Don't know if I will talk to you guys again until I return. If not, have a safe weekend!


sm2 said...

Have fun in New Orleans! Can't wait for boat pics! Sounds like a fun project!

Lisa Blair said...

I'm so glad you are out of your posting coma! Welcome back, Rachel!

I definitely think you need to name the boat. We can help you come up with something I'm sure.