Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I get these emails from What To that keeps me informed of what's going on with the baby and my body. This was today's email.

Weight Worries During Pregnancy
Repeat after me: I am not fat, I am growing a baby. After a lifetime of watching your weight, it can be unnerving (and sometimes depressing) to watch it go up, up, up. Whenever you feel bummed about your expanding girth (and your expanding bum), remind yourself that there's a beautiful reason your body is changing. To fuel that baby growth at 25 weeks pregnant, you need to keep your growth going, too, so dieting is never an option when you're expecting. Instead, eat as healthy as you can (remember, you share every bite with your baby), and eat as much as you need to in order to gain at the right rate. (One more time, with feeling: I am not fat, I am growing a baby!)

So...I guess I have a new mantra. I am still eating really well and treat myself only every now and then. My walking regimen hasn't started. It's crazy, I have this thing called a life and it just gets in the way of my non routine things and then it's bed time. I have been waking up really early and should use that time to walk, but I'd just rather a) lay there and try to go back to sleep or b) get up and go to work early so I can get more accomplished.

This morning I had to grab a jacket on the way out the door. It fit everywhere but my belly. I am not fat, I am growing a baby! I think, wait I hope, my butt has stopped growing wide. That bible school song pops into my head every time I think of that. You know 'Deep and wide, deep and wide, There's a fountain flowing deep and wide' Well it's more like this in my world, 'Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a mountain growing deep and wide.' I think my tummy is starting to grow outward instead of my butt spreading. I'm like a Transformer. I go from robot to military tank to house back to a robot - - and most of the time it depends on my outfit. I am not fat, I am growing a baby!

Remember and repeat......
I am not fat, I am growing a baby!
There is a beautiful reason my body is changing.
And gosh darn it, people like me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where is Your Favorite Place?

What do I do when I'm happy? The only creative thing I know how to do...write a haiku!

Chilly is my bum.
Grilled out in the dark with Chip.
Having a great week.
This weather will hopefully but the 'wah' back in my waddle (which is what I do these days). Maybe get me more motivated to get out there and do the required walking I've put off.
The electricity went out last night as we were about to fire up the grill and cook dinner. It was great, we were just sitting there - in the dark - nice weather with candles and flashlights. Very relaxing. I've been many many places in my life, seen many many things in my young 29 years, have lived all over the world before settling like a pioneer here in Kosciusko, and guess where one of my favorite places on earth is? To be on my patio with my Chippy just talking for hours. That's how I knew he was "the one." Seriously, I figured out early in our relationship that our conversations lasted hours and hours and were so interesting and sometimes deep that I knew when I'm 79 sitting on my patio with my Chippy, we'd still be talking.
Communication is key in a relationship and especially a marriage. I'm not trying to get all Dr. Phil on you, but my best friend asked me before we married how I knew Chip was the one? Did the clouds part, angels sing and you have butterflies in your stomach as you were struck by lightening? Nope. None of that. We just talk - about everything. Of course he has other wonderful attributes like he loves me, he would protect me from a raging bull, he would take a taxi to the ends of the earth for me, he cooks fabulously, he listens and he's going to be the best dad ever.
I enjoy our talks. They always bring me to a comfy cozy place in my life where I want to be. They make me feel secure and safe.
Where is your favorite place to be? Why?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nesting or Nasty?

I am not quite sure if it is too early to "nest" or if maybe I was tired of tripping over dog hair tumble weeds in my house. Either way something came over me and I cleaned, then cleaned some more. Even had Chip help me take the mattress cover off the bed to bleach it. Finished all the laundry, cleaned all the dishes, stocked up the pantry with a two hour trek to Wal-Mart, and decided I want to become a minimalist.

I want to declutter my house. I want to rid of all that is in my way...including in my attic. I don't know if this is MAKE WAY FOR BABY mode or if I am seriously just tired of all my stuff. Maybe it was because the doctor said I could have this baby anytime between 36 & 40 weeks. Which in human terms means between the Friday before Christmas and two weeks into January. So pretty much like tomorrow. This means I need to Christmas shop yesterday, and have everything ready like 10 minutes ago.

Yesterday, I wanted to rearrange everything and consolidate. I almost had Chip on board for moving the tv stand and tv out of the bedroom and buying a hang on the wall tv for in there. Just as we were about to walk out the door we remembered we are about to have a baby and felt poor. So we didn't do it.

For some reason this clean up mode didn't make it to Hill's room. Poor guy. He's never going to have a closet without wrapping paper, mommy's winter clothes, rubbermaid containers of art supplies, boxes of photos and board games. Mrs. Lindsey is going to help us decorate Hill's room once we get a baby bed and bedding. I'd already have all that but Chip won't let me buy anything yet. Which is smart.

Well, off to a new week my friends! I hope to carry over my productivity from the weekend on into this week both at work and home. This week is 'fo sho' going to be be better than last week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Found Happiness

I have been trying really really really hard not to be a poo poo head this week. I try to think happy thoughts and make the best out of bad situations. Yet, I find myself pretty transparent. I guess you all do too.
The title of my blog is "I've Found Happiness" - the deal is that it was there all along and I just had to stop for one second and allow myself to absorb it. I have the best friends in the world hands down. They always know the right things to say or do to bring that little spark of happiness back into my life.
I can think of 5 selfless things just in the past 24 hours that people have gone out of their way to cheer me up, think of me, take up for me and pray for me.
(Five people in 24 hours must be a world record for one person, right?)
Here is the latest. I get out of a meeting, sit down at my desk and then 2 seconds later this arrives.

This is from my friend JJ

She sure brightened my day with the bright orange and yellow blooms from these Gerber daisies (my fav). They even have 6 more blooms that will open up in the days to come to keep me smiling. Thanks, JJ! I love them and you!

So yesterday my friend Gina sent me an email of what she tells her little girl - I find this true with life in general - she said,

...the one good thing about rain is rainbows...
"We’ve seen more rainbows in the last week Keep smiling…there is sunshine ahead."

I'm not sure if Gina sent that email because she knew I was in a funk per my blog or if she knew exactly how awful of a day I'd been having a work. Either way, the timing couldn't have been better.

Bringing me to work, my boss. You know it is always such a good feeling when someone takes up for you and goes to bat on your behalf. It's amazing to me how one person can bring you down throw you under the bus and make you fall so hard that you almost want to throw in the towel and not stand back up. I was literally at my breaking point yesterday and my boss stepped in and took care of me. I didn't even ask him to. Before I could even get back up to dust myself off, he'd handled the situation. Appreciation of someone is one way you gain respect. I appreciate him because he appreciates me. Can't ask for a better relationship.

Yesterday morning I received an email from someone I hadn't heard from in a long time, just thinking of me and checking in to see how Hill and I were doing. This woman is the most genuine caring lady ever. She is a strong Christian and I can't help but think it was God having her check in on me just to remind me I'm loved and being thought about.

So as if all these reminders of 'life goes on' and 'this too shall pass' aren't sappy enough for this pregnant lady to be put back on track - I can always leave it to my brother to send me this Maxine email to make me laugh.

A smile is a sign of joy.

A hug is a sign of love.

A laugh is a sign of happiness.

And a friend like me???

$h!%, that's just a sign of good taste!!

A Big Ol' thank you to everyone for everything. I have zero reason to be in a funk. I have so many wonderful people in my life and so many wonderful things that I should not take for granted. I guess I just needed a reality check and to sit down and truly think about how many people love, care, protect, pray and think of me.

I just might be the luckiest person I know!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funk & Football

I'm still in a funk. I'm not going to gripe about it or give the whole 'woe is me' breakdown. Maybe it's this dreary has been raining for over a week straight. I'm sure my hormones and stress levels aren't helping with the equation.

Anyway, when I get the opportunity I still have 3 more lottery posts. We have already traveled the internet super highway to Texas, then made another pit stop in Texas, next on our road map is Tennessee, Alabama and then back on down to Kosciusko, Mississippi.

See just those happy thoughts there gave me a ray of sunshine through this funky day. I teach my second class tonight and already gave them a heads up we are getting out early. Why you may ask? Only because ......

1) Ole Miss vs. South Carolina tonight-- Do you know I am the only Rebel fan in my whole class? Good thing I don't give these guys grades! FYI - I once was let out of a bogus ticket for 'allegedly' not stopping at a stop sign for being a Rebel fan. It pays off I promise. You should convert if you haven't already.

2) My Chippy comes home -- I haven't seen him in like 4 days...maybe that's why I'm in a funk?

3) Grey's Anatomy season premiere (thank heavens for Tivo) Yes, Grey's will have to wait until after the football game. You know I have to take on more team spirit now than ever since my mother-in-law passed away. Lord knows that woman loved her some football, more than any man I've ever met. I just don't think I can keep up with the NFL like she did. I will cheer for her Peyton and Eli though.

Those all seem like legit (and happy) excuses to skip out early. The Judge said I should get on home and watch the game. Well....Your Honor has spoken. It's the law now, I must watch the Rebs hopefully put on their game face and whip up on some South Carolina.

Quick funny Adrienne football story...The day after Chip's grandfather passed away (Adrienne's dad) I remember Chip & Adrienne worried about how to plan his funeral around the Ole Miss vs. LSU game. They couldn't miss it. So, everything ended up working out and me, Adrienne and Laurie went to Philadelphia to the casino big screen to watch the game (Chip went to the game with his uncle). So here we are. At the casino with no less than a million other people watching the game in this restaurant called "The Stadium" - how appropriate right? So we are sitting there LSU fans on one side and Ole Miss on the other. It was like church, the bride side and the groom side. We were all having fun and yelling tacky stuff back and forth, in good fun. Well Ole Miss makes a fabulous catch and we are all hooting and hollering and then right by us this old LSU I mean OLD MAN gets up and beats the TAR out of this young Ole Miss fan in his 20's. I swear this guy was like 80. The guy in his 20's threw a few jabs, but old dude just straight beat him up. For no reason. We were close enough to have heard heckling and there was nothing of the sorts. So if that wasn't enough they had to bring in the HAZMAT crew because blood had been drawn. After everything was cleared up and not bloody we went back to watching the game.

I guess there is really no point or moral to this story, but all of Adrienne's friends reading this can appreciate the hilarity of planning the funeral around an Ole Miss football game, watching old men beat up kids and the hazmat team being called. Who else would random stuff like this happen with? I mean really? So as you cheer on the Rebs or watch Grey's Anatomy tonight be sure to say a Hotty Toddy for Adrienne too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mission - 'Get It Together'

Doctors appointment today went well.....for Hill. His heart rate is at 133 beats per minute and Dr. North was really pleased with that and his growth. Yet, he was not pleased with my growth. In a nutshell, I am a lard butt and have to walk 45 minutes EVERY day and eat pretty much only veggies, fruits, water and grilled/baked meats.

So, they are back. The fairies from my first trimester have come back to haunt me and call me Fatty McFat Butt, again. They make me sad. It's ok, I'm trying to keep positive and reverse 29 years of bad habits by like tomorrow. All I know to do is pray.

So since I am in a funk, it is best I just go to bed and cuddle with my Boppy and wake up with a new attitude tomorrow. Talk to you all when I snap out of it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in my previous life

Well we are back! Only because silly things like the responsibility of work, paying a mortgage, dogs and all the other adult things we have to deal with stood in the way of us becoming professional gamblers. We had a fabulous time on our sporadic weekend which was extremely needed and well deserved.

Everything went as planned. We got there at about 6:30 checked into our room and then the pregnant lady needed to eat. We went to Chicago Steakhouse, didn't have a reservation but they seated us after about a 20-30 minute wait. Just to paint a picture for you, this restaurant was very nice, dark wood walls with beveled glass and mirrors, gorgeous chandeliers, fresh flowers everywhere, fabulous wine selection, and a menu that would make your knees weak. So I said everything went as planned, well I lied. Here we are, they seat us and I almost start to cry. Not happy tears because I feel like I'm in my element, but traumatising tears because my huge butt is hurting. They had arm chairs and I needed a tub of Crisco to wedge my pregnant rear end in it. I was so embarrassed. There was no way I could enjoy my meal in such pain. I was humiliated. I had to ask the waiter for a chair with no arms so Large Marge could comfortably eat more. After I got over that spell, the rest of our trip was fantastic. We dined like royalty then headed to the table for black jack.

Rewind...I think in my previous life I was a whale in Las Vegas. A 'whale' is a high roller. You see before we moved to Kosciusko we use to play in Tunica often. Like often enough to where the pit bosses knew us. We always played the Sheraton, but this trip we had a room at the Gold Strike. When we play black jack we have our little routine. I am always the cheerleader and the one who introduces us to the table, the dealer and find out where everyone is from...I get the table talking things are so much more fun that way. You find out fast who knows what they are doing and who doesn't. It is a great way to immediately find out if you need to relocate to a different table. During all of this Chip goes into the 'zone' - the black jack zone. When we are at the tables time does not exist, 4 hours can seem like 4's bizarre.

We had an awesome table...our dealer Tammy was great! Leading the table all night was old man Ferrell he was quiet but into the fun, then you have the two Steve's - Second Base Steve and Funny Steve. The Steve's didn't know each other well but had played together last month at another table. Then Chip then me. It was just like the old days....except I was drinking O'Douls and not Miller Lite. Fun stuff! We played, we had a blast, arranged for a free breakfast and best of all we won! There is one more thing that was different from before......we were in bed by midnight. What a Mamaw and Papaw we were being. Who cares, we had so much fun!

Saturday we woke up and had the most wonderful breakfast. Not too sure how they made their eggs so fluffy and their pancakes so sweet. Yum! After breakfast we took back roads through the Delta to Oxford. Upon arriving to Oxford I went to my friends Susan and Daniels house. It was so wonderful to see them! They are going to be the best parents ever. Susan looks fabulous - I am so jealous! Love ya'll!

So the Rebels didn't play like the number 4 team in which they are ranked, but whatever they still won 52-6. Chip and I had so much fun cheering them on and telling them to get their act together. Everyone we sat by was so nice and tolerated my cheers and ranting and helping me, the 6 month pregnant lady, up and down the bleachers. After the game we watched TV and then went to bed. Again, aren't we Mamaw and Papaws?

Now.......back to the grind. Work work work. Oh yeah, and teach, teach, teach! I started teaching my Conversational Spanish class at the local community college tonight. So far so good. I have the 21st District Court staff as my pupils. Also, a few attorneys and sheriff deputies. I feel like these are going to be good people to know. I could tell they were all expecting a formal class with tests and homework. I assured them there would be nothing of the sorts. They were there because they wanted to be there to learn. What they do with the information I provide them is up to them. I also told them that I am not a teacher by trade, I am a banker. They would have to be patient with me. We learned numbers tonight and by the end of the class they all felt reasonably comfortable counting to to over 1,000. Next class.....alphabet.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow (Tuesday.) It's the first baby doctor appointment that Chip is unable to make. We are both sad, but it's not a sonogram or big deal appointment so it's ok. I will let you know how it goes.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wish Us Luck!

To keep in tune with the lottery like 10:00 last night we decided to head to Tunica tonight and try our hand at a little black jack.
Wish us luck! We are just so excited to be able to run away for the weekend. Thanks to our wonderful friends that stepped up to take care of the pups on such short notice!

Here is the plan.....
Today, Friday, at ASAP o'clock we are going to head to Tunica, check in our hotel, then go to the black jack table and win a ton of money, then eat the buffet then win more money and go to bed whenever we feel like it.

Saturday morning we will wake up, eat, head to Oxford, meet up with my friend Susan so I can give her the gift from her shower I missed last weekend, go to the game, yell for the Rebs!, spend the night at Hart & Whitney's house in Oxford.

Sunday morning wake up, eat breakfast, head back to Kozy.

So ~
Have a great weekend and........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lottery Week - 2nd Stop in Texas

Before we travel outside of Texas let's make one more stop. There are no Lottery winnings on this stop, as a matter of fact it is quite the opposite. I received an email today from my dad that he has officially spent all of my future inheritance to restore his old car that he had when we were growing up. I don't mind - It was worth every penny! Here are a few pictures for you to drool over.
Check out this rare beauty...only a hand full were made and this is one of the originals.
1963 Triumph TR 3B

How fun! Doesn't she make you want to put on a red and white polka dotted scarf and big sunglasses and drive around with red lip stick on?
I love it! What fun memories!
Maybe when Baby Hill visits Texas his Papi will create memories in this car with him too!
I am so happy for my dad and his project being complete. It has taken years! I mean not that he restored it himself, but he did have to pay what the restoration guy called his "child support check" every month.
...Maybe he can start refunding my inheritance account now?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lottery Week - 1st stop Texas

I'm pretty sure that I have hit the lottery! I don't even know where to start with all the good news and goodies. So, just to drag things out (and allow me enough time to write formal notes of gratitude) - this week I will be posting awesome things from our awesome friends from all over the United States.

First stop....Texas.

My Mere, my May, my MVH, my Meredith, my best friend in the entire universe is getting married! There are no words with out bawling my eyes out to express how extremely excited I am for her. To me it is just as exciting as when Chip and I got married! I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting times of my life because I know how truly happy my Mere head is and I can't think of any person in this world that deserves true love and happiness more than her!

So as if that great news wasn't enough.....I get this at work the other day...

(sorry it's sideways I can't make my photo straighten out)

I immediately pick up the phone, call Meredith explain to her that she cannot do beautifully sweet things like this to hormonal pregnant women and that YES I would be flattered and honored and....all the other words I can't think of to complete this sentence because I'm reliving the moment and am just so excited....and breathe!

Just so I don't speak my whole entire heart here on this blog, that I know she reads, and so I can save a little something for my toast at the wedding, I digress.

And in case you didn't hear me shouting from the rooftops!
I am so excited!

Don't worry, Mere. I won't make my toast at your wedding funny like I did my brother Jason's. All I remember is that it rhymed and then at the end I said,
"Let's all raise our glasses because it's time to cheer,
Because Jennifer has proven that Jason's not queer!"

In the mean time, the doctor says no dieting while pregnant. Therefore I must try to be better so that these 4,000 lbs I have gained will just melt right off after Hill comes. Anyone wanna start walking with me? Wait, let me rephrase that....anyone want to come and make me start walking?
I have until April 17th to have a hot bod like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Spinnin' Around

So so sorry to have left you all over the weekend without hearing from me. I hope you have all managed.
I've been spinning on a merry go round going on 4 la la land. No really, I mean it. I woke up Friday morning (after the 8th snooze hit) and bee-bopped into the shower, brushed my teeth (which is much easier now in the 2nd trimester), then I'm standing in my closet getting dressed and putting a few things together for my SUPER fun weekend with girlfriends when I reach up for something and almost fell. It really caught me off guard and scared me.

I shuffled to the bed where Chip was sleeping and woke him up. "Hey, poo......I'm not ok. I'm really dizzy and not ok." He told me to lay down for a bit and go back to sleep. Translation: Go to sleep, I am sleeping. So I laid down on my left side with my magic boppy pillow to make the room stop spinning. It didn't work. I couldn't even close my eyes. I turned onto my back and tried to put my "kick-stand" down. You know, the kick-stand. The one you used in college when you had too much fun with friends, when the adult beverages make your world spin as you lay still in your put down your kick stand to make things stand still. Well that didn't work this time. Instead it made me cry because I had no other solutions. Chip knew something serious was wrong. We always know the caliber of sickness with each other because we ask..."do you need to go to the doctor?" If either of us say yes then it's a big deal. Chip asked, "Do you need to go to the doctor?" I said, he called our nurse friend, helped me get dressed and took me to see the doctor.

Chip drove like the Dukes of Hazard to get me to the clinic where our angelic friend met us at the back door with a wheelchair. This helped me avoid all the swine flu and smelly old people up front plus I didn't have to walk anywhere. Love you, Leanne! Long story short....I have vertigo. Just the sound of it makes me feel like a Leper, an out cast with a fatal communicable illness. It's not, it just means I've lost my marbles, that my equilibrium is messed up. Who knows the cause. I asked if it was due to my reconstructive surgery on both of my expensive ears. He looked and said no, they were perfect. Good answer, because they cost me a small fortune to hear from them!

Anyway, he sent me out the back door with a prescription to trick my brain that I'm not dizzy. The meds started kicking in Friday afternoon and then every time I took it after that I'd fall into a coma. I'd take it and then not remember what I was doing before I fell asleep. Hence, I couldn't drive anywhere.

So, needless to say my fun filled weekend to North Mississippi to visit my friend Angela, then onto an educational day in Memphis, departing back down to my ol' stomping grounds in Oxford to hang out with good friends was cancelled. I was so upset, and still am. I will have to reschedule, if my friends will still have me. (insert pouty quivering lip and tear here)

Through all of this internal roller coaster business, I do have to say that my Chippy was so good to me. He took such good care of me. He made sure I had someone with me at all times when he couldn't be there and that I was fed, watered, toileted, covered up, comfy, and medicated at the appropriate times. I truly have no idea what I would have done Friday morning had I been alone. I would have had to have called an ambulance to take me to the looney bin. Good thing I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant otherwise I sure would have regretted not remembering the awesome night before since I was feeling like I was in a drunken stupor Friday morning.

I'd say I am 88% better. I still have a ways to go and can't take my meds until I get off of work, then I can fall into my coma-like state. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to talk about next time I am able to post. This week I have to prep for a class I am going to teach on Monday and Thursday nights through the community college. It starts next week and is a 6 week Spanish class for the Drug Court Judge and her staff.....should be interesting, I'm excited about it. I will post more later. Have a great week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working Mother

Just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how hard it is to wake up in the mornings and how I hit snooze for at least an hour and 12 minutes each morning (snooze goes off in 9 minute intervals - Yes, I hit snooze 8 times). Then in 126 days I'm going to have to figure out how to get someone else out of bed and dressed and fed too. What time do I have to get up to take a shower and put on make up and get dressed now? Do I even put on my work clothes before I feed the baby or will he poop or spit up on them? If I'm not ready for work then what do I do with him while I get ready? I know Chip will help, but I got a little overwhelmed because I was only stressing about the morning time, the first hour to hour and a half of my morning - - this leaves about 23 more hours to figure out.

You know before we decided to have kids Chip and I would cringe when people would say, "oh just wait until you have kids, everything changes." No kidding you freak, that is why we don't have any! We are perfectly content-o how we are. Now here we are, all bred up, 'everything changes' literally means EVERYTHING. Then I check my email this morning and may have found the solution. I don't know anything about it except that I was getting a special offer and all these thoughts had gone through my head just minutes before. I can't help but think that this magazine may hold the key to all of life's answers. I grabbed my credit card and ordered it immediately.

Working Mother Magazine
Special email offer!
Wish you could...
•Find more time for yourself?
•Get more flexibility at your workplace?
•Find ways to spend fun time with you kids?

Celebrate the fun, the job and the rich rewards of being a working mother! The first and only magazine devoted to the needs of the lifestyle of working moms.
Act Now!! Offer ends in 5 days!

In approximately 6 weeks I will receive this treasure map to be the best damned time manager/ working mother anyone has ever seen.
I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Except I swear under oath that I will still not learn how to iron....ever.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Name Game

Since I completed a little over half of the thank you notes. I thought I would treat myself to half of a post on the ol' blog.

I don't really have enough time to talk about the room idea nor have I talked to all of my sources to see how feasible it will be. I have a new thought and it involves me being artsy. We shall see how that works out.

I can't stop calling Hill, Baby Hill. I had this friend that we called Little Nancy and then when she got to be older we still called her Little Nancy and she'd get so mad. "I'm not Little Nancy, I'm Big Nancy!" I don't want Hill to be known as Baby Hill until he gets beat up at school then hates his parents the rest of his life.

Do you think he'll have problems with Hill being his name? He will have two friends his age named Jack. Do you think kids will be cruel and say Jack and Hill? Like Jack and Jill? (I know I laughed too) Do you think people will laugh? Do you think I'm setting him up?

Well, I've thought about it and if this kid is anything like his mama, he will probably just call them a meanie and a booger face and kick them in the leg and run off -OR- if he is like his daddy he will just laugh with them and somehow it makes them feel stupid for even picking on him and it will never happen again. Hopefully he chooses to handle things civilized like his daddy instead of mellow dramatic like his mother. Yet, the way he is acting lately with all this kicking and punching and flip flopping, I'm not too sure he hasn't already chosen to be a kung fu master and use his powers for evil. I just hope that I don't think it's as cute when he's kicking other kids like I think it's cute now in my tum. I don't want to be one of those "oblivious" parents that think their kids can do no wrong.

Ok I think I've overstayed my half a post welcome. Hill is probably tired of me analyzing his name anyway. I love it. I love to say his full name Hill Hawkins. Hill Hawkins. Hill Hawkins. Cute huh?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We All Must Suffer

Sorry guys, I am punishing myself for not having finished the 4 million 6 hundred and forty two thousand thank you notes I have to write. Until I finish writing them I can't update my blog.

It's torture for me. I crave to post. Even at 3am when I can't sleep. We did nothing eventful this past weekend. Pretty much didn't remove ourselves from the couch (and procrastinated on the thank you notes.) I did eat a lot of party food. I love party food as much as I love blogging.

Watched the MS State game on Saturday, because I don't discriminate and ate party food. Then Sunday watched the Ole Miss game because I love it and ate party food. Then yesterday I missed out on the Country Club festivities to go to Jackson and register at Babies R Us.

Wow, that took like 2-3 hours. I was exhausted after that. I have no idea where I am going to put any of this stuff even if I get a third of it...but we will cross that bridge when we get there. I tried to get not just little baby stuff, but toddler stuff too. Baby Hill says Thanks Mrs. Whitney for helping him pick out all the necessary things to survive. Also, thanks to Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Tasha our little Hill does not lack in the clothing department. I have enough clothes to cover all the naked little babies in the three surrounding counties as well. Which is why I registered for the necessities like diapers, wipes, booger wipes, bottles, dreft stain pens and disposable placemats. Those seemed useful. I may have gotten carried away? I still need to register at Target because I am sure things there may be a tad bit cheaper and I found a toy box that I want 2 of. Then of course Wal-Mart because diapers and food and wipes are necessary and convenient.

I feel like a self centered hoochie impregnated greed monster for registering and then talking about it but so many people have asked me about it and also when in Rome.....

Ok, so I snuck in a little blogging even though I am in trouble with myself. I guess I will just have to leave you all wondering about the thoughts I had this morning between the hours of 1:00 am until 3:30 am on Hill's room. It requires help from my creative friends...and maybe a monkey or two...........

Thursday, September 03, 2009

'Good Old Hometown Girl'

That's me! I'm a 'good old hometown girl!' Right now I am a shocked hometown girl!

Why do I keep referring to myself as a "hometown girl???" Only because that is what my dear friends at Prasek's Smokehouse in Hillje, Texas called me in the letter I received today.

Do you remember the food dilemma I had few weeks ago when I threw a spastic tantrum and threatened to jump in the car and drive over 600 miles to Texas just to eat a kolache? Not just any kolache...a Prasek's kolache. Well my faithful fans guess what I got in the mail today.....

The best surprise I've ever received in my entire life
What lies inside that box is something that every person on the face of the earth should put on their 'bucket list' to do before they die. Eat Prasek's ham & cheese, pig in the blankets and cream cheese kolaches. You cannot forget the peppered turkey jerky either- which I have in my fridge as we speak because my mom brought Chip and I some not too long ago to fulfill that 'fix' (it's like a drug.)

Are you ready to see my goodies? Are you sure you are prepared? I mean it's beauty will hurt your eyes so don't say I didn't warn you.

Hello there my sweet beautiful love. Welcome to Mississippi. Did you have a safe trip? Look how soft and fluffy you are. Your presence brings happy tears to my eyes.

My word. Look at all of you! You are all so big and golden-y brown and filled with yummy goodness.
To the far right we have pig in the blankets (remember in my tantrum I told you not to picture that croissant flat crap), then in the middle we have bunches and bunches of ham and cheese, then to the right we have a variety dewberry, strawberry cream cheese & plain cream cheese kolaches.
It's not my birthday and it's not Christmas. It's only the good people at Prasek's fulfilling a pregnant hometown girls dream. I feel like I've won the Make a Wish foundation prize or Extreme Makeover or something unbelievable!
My cravings have subsided...for now. What I thought was an uncontrollable urge for heaven sent baked goods ended up being seen as advertisement.

So I must give a shout out for them so that you can go ahead and mark off that bucket list task by visiting or I can show you my brochure. Michelle pointed out that the bakery goods are not listed but they do ship them. Which is good to know because I did look online that dark dark day to see if I could overnight some and couldn't find where to do so. Don't forget their meats...that is truly what they are famous for. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone?...maybe me...maybe a neighbor...or boss? Ta-da! Can't go wrong.

Don't say I didn't warn you though......once you eat their foods your soul will never be the same afterwards. You will become a better person for having tried it.

Well I take that back - I may not be a better person because it's not very nice of me to post this picture of me eating a ham and cheese - cold out of the box which is still fantastic!

Nor would it be nice of me to show the inside of it

It also wouldn't be nice of me to show you the picture of my poor poor puppies. They don't even eat people food and know it smells good. Look at Fosters sad eyes and Foxy Mama is even back there licking her lips.

Yea, yea...I'm awful, I know. But I can't be that awful because I shared some with my fellow Texas friend, Cortni, who now lives in the Land of Koz just like me and truly understands the importance of having a kolache in her life.

For my Texas friends that still live in Texas take heed to my words of wisdom. Don't take for granted the kolache or any other phenomenal Czech baked goods because one day when you need it most - it won't be there. Unless of course you get Michelle, Mikey or Troy to over night you some.

'Ain't it.'

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Office Bathroom

Luckily my office is only a few steps away from the lounge that houses the powder room, so it's not a far trek. I spend a lot of time in and out of the bathroom at work due to my bladder not having the capacity it use to. I have lost count on how many times a day I venture there, but I didn't realize it was such a problem until today. I ran into a co-worker that said, "I always seem to run into you here." Hmmmmm. She was right. I'm always there.

Then I started thinking. Most of my daily conversations take place at the sink area of our ladies room. Earlier I had a delightful conversation with the receptionist about her earrings that perfectly matched her sweater. Her mom got them for her and she really likes them but never has anything to wear with them. Then I ran into a lady in loan operations and complimented her on her cute dress and how it was so good to see her brother in law the other day at the funeral. No matter who is there they always ask how I'm feeling, what symptoms I'm having, so it's a boy right? You know, small talk.

The bathroom is such a funny social place. I mean think about why we are there. How weird and awkward. I hate the whole silence of the stalls. You know where you sit down and you know someone else is in the stall next to you. The stage fright sets in, but you don't want to take too long because they may think you are waiting for them to leave so you can "take care of business." Or my favorite is the people that are "taking care of business" and are quiet when you walk in, still quiet when you finish, then still quiet when you are washing your hands and then you leave. It's like they need to remain anonymous. Hello, it's not like being pregnant hasn't heightened all of my spidey sense. I can hear, see and smell (I don't taste in the bathroom). I see your shoes under there, I hear the undercover cough you made, I smell the air freshener. Whatever.

I once had a boss that always said, "Time is money." I think maybe to be more efficient I need a direct extension to the handicapped stall. That will give me plenty of space to conduct all business necessary. I can be reached at Extension #1 have all of my calls transferred there, move in a printer, get a laptop and a little table and that is all I need. I mean the seat and coat hanger are already there. Think about it, the handicapped stall is bigger than some people's cubicles. If someone needs to come into my office I can meet them in the lounge located right out side. It's like a big conference room.

Since I have caught you off guard with my bathroom talk I leave you with one word of advice. If you don't see me shaking someones hand..........follow my lead.

Here are a few funny videos....
Lauren this one is for you

Then there is always this classic

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mt. Hawkins

Maybe it's the hormones, maybe it's just me......I really really really feel pregnant now. It's a little hard to get around and in and out of bed. My little Hill Hawkins sure feels like Mount Hawkins. I'm sitting here in bed looking at the keyboard on my laptop over my bloated belly. I had one of those days where I wore a dress that was cute and flattering, where you could tell my belly has a bump. Then it happened. I was standing at the copy machine and someone said, you look great! You don't even look pregnant!

Lawdy mercy hold me back. I know it was a compliment, but hello there has to come a point where I really am not this fat in real life. I may look the same but I feel like bloated road kill. It was just one of those days. It all goes back to do you want people to think you look the same as before or look pregnant? Flip a coin you have a 50-50 shot of making me pissy or happy. Safe bet is to just say you look great! and then leave it at that. I can take it to whatever mood I'm in.

Don't get me wrong, I feel good and have no real complaints as far as Hill and I go. It's just these wishy washy hormones. It's like some days I need to be exercised by either a priest and some days a personal trainer.

This too shall pass..........I hope.

With my poo poo head rant out of the way I do have to say on a positive note I sure have been having GREAT hair days lately. I would say 3 in a row so far. I hope I don't jinx it. Maybe if you see me you can score brownie points and say - Hey! You look, and so does your hair!