Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Office Bathroom

Luckily my office is only a few steps away from the lounge that houses the powder room, so it's not a far trek. I spend a lot of time in and out of the bathroom at work due to my bladder not having the capacity it use to. I have lost count on how many times a day I venture there, but I didn't realize it was such a problem until today. I ran into a co-worker that said, "I always seem to run into you here." Hmmmmm. She was right. I'm always there.

Then I started thinking. Most of my daily conversations take place at the sink area of our ladies room. Earlier I had a delightful conversation with the receptionist about her earrings that perfectly matched her sweater. Her mom got them for her and she really likes them but never has anything to wear with them. Then I ran into a lady in loan operations and complimented her on her cute dress and how it was so good to see her brother in law the other day at the funeral. No matter who is there they always ask how I'm feeling, what symptoms I'm having, so it's a boy right? You know, small talk.

The bathroom is such a funny social place. I mean think about why we are there. How weird and awkward. I hate the whole silence of the stalls. You know where you sit down and you know someone else is in the stall next to you. The stage fright sets in, but you don't want to take too long because they may think you are waiting for them to leave so you can "take care of business." Or my favorite is the people that are "taking care of business" and are quiet when you walk in, still quiet when you finish, then still quiet when you are washing your hands and then you leave. It's like they need to remain anonymous. Hello, it's not like being pregnant hasn't heightened all of my spidey sense. I can hear, see and smell (I don't taste in the bathroom). I see your shoes under there, I hear the undercover cough you made, I smell the air freshener. Whatever.

I once had a boss that always said, "Time is money." I think maybe to be more efficient I need a direct extension to the handicapped stall. That will give me plenty of space to conduct all business necessary. I can be reached at Extension #1 have all of my calls transferred there, move in a printer, get a laptop and a little table and that is all I need. I mean the seat and coat hanger are already there. Think about it, the handicapped stall is bigger than some people's cubicles. If someone needs to come into my office I can meet them in the lounge located right out side. It's like a big conference room.

Since I have caught you off guard with my bathroom talk I leave you with one word of advice. If you don't see me shaking someones hand..........follow my lead.

Here are a few funny videos....
Lauren this one is for you

Then there is always this classic

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Lauren said...

I am laughing so hard right now...omg i totally forgot about that! "Your son Rip is on line toot..." SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! Thanks to you I will be saying that all day long. In fact, I'm thinking about calling you at work and saying it...and then just hanging up...You will prob get the urge to connect to line toot to speak to rip...