Thursday, September 03, 2009

'Good Old Hometown Girl'

That's me! I'm a 'good old hometown girl!' Right now I am a shocked hometown girl!

Why do I keep referring to myself as a "hometown girl???" Only because that is what my dear friends at Prasek's Smokehouse in Hillje, Texas called me in the letter I received today.

Do you remember the food dilemma I had few weeks ago when I threw a spastic tantrum and threatened to jump in the car and drive over 600 miles to Texas just to eat a kolache? Not just any kolache...a Prasek's kolache. Well my faithful fans guess what I got in the mail today.....

The best surprise I've ever received in my entire life
What lies inside that box is something that every person on the face of the earth should put on their 'bucket list' to do before they die. Eat Prasek's ham & cheese, pig in the blankets and cream cheese kolaches. You cannot forget the peppered turkey jerky either- which I have in my fridge as we speak because my mom brought Chip and I some not too long ago to fulfill that 'fix' (it's like a drug.)

Are you ready to see my goodies? Are you sure you are prepared? I mean it's beauty will hurt your eyes so don't say I didn't warn you.

Hello there my sweet beautiful love. Welcome to Mississippi. Did you have a safe trip? Look how soft and fluffy you are. Your presence brings happy tears to my eyes.

My word. Look at all of you! You are all so big and golden-y brown and filled with yummy goodness.
To the far right we have pig in the blankets (remember in my tantrum I told you not to picture that croissant flat crap), then in the middle we have bunches and bunches of ham and cheese, then to the right we have a variety dewberry, strawberry cream cheese & plain cream cheese kolaches.
It's not my birthday and it's not Christmas. It's only the good people at Prasek's fulfilling a pregnant hometown girls dream. I feel like I've won the Make a Wish foundation prize or Extreme Makeover or something unbelievable!
My cravings have subsided...for now. What I thought was an uncontrollable urge for heaven sent baked goods ended up being seen as advertisement.

So I must give a shout out for them so that you can go ahead and mark off that bucket list task by visiting or I can show you my brochure. Michelle pointed out that the bakery goods are not listed but they do ship them. Which is good to know because I did look online that dark dark day to see if I could overnight some and couldn't find where to do so. Don't forget their meats...that is truly what they are famous for. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone?...maybe me...maybe a neighbor...or boss? Ta-da! Can't go wrong.

Don't say I didn't warn you though......once you eat their foods your soul will never be the same afterwards. You will become a better person for having tried it.

Well I take that back - I may not be a better person because it's not very nice of me to post this picture of me eating a ham and cheese - cold out of the box which is still fantastic!

Nor would it be nice of me to show the inside of it

It also wouldn't be nice of me to show you the picture of my poor poor puppies. They don't even eat people food and know it smells good. Look at Fosters sad eyes and Foxy Mama is even back there licking her lips.

Yea, yea...I'm awful, I know. But I can't be that awful because I shared some with my fellow Texas friend, Cortni, who now lives in the Land of Koz just like me and truly understands the importance of having a kolache in her life.

For my Texas friends that still live in Texas take heed to my words of wisdom. Don't take for granted the kolache or any other phenomenal Czech baked goods because one day when you need it most - it won't be there. Unless of course you get Michelle, Mikey or Troy to over night you some.

'Ain't it.'


Cortni said...

Rachel!!!!! I ate TWO kolaches last night! The ham and cheese and the strawberry and cream cheese. The ham and cheese took me back to my childhood! BUT THE STRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE!!!!!! OH.....MY.......WORD. That is the BEST thing I have ever eaten in my LIFE!!!! OH MAN! Thank you for sharing with me! You're a true friend!
(This morning I'm having the other ham and cheese kolache for breakfast as I type.. yummy!)

sm2 said...

YUM! I'm extremely jealous! I'm so glad you got your fix! Happy friday to you!

Tara Dew said...

Ok- at first, I was like "oh good for them...sweet memories from my kolaches....mmm, mmm..." Now I'm starting to get a little jealous and in crazy craving mode like I'm preggo or something! what have you done to me???lol

DenKag said...

I hate you right now.