Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working Mother

Just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how hard it is to wake up in the mornings and how I hit snooze for at least an hour and 12 minutes each morning (snooze goes off in 9 minute intervals - Yes, I hit snooze 8 times). Then in 126 days I'm going to have to figure out how to get someone else out of bed and dressed and fed too. What time do I have to get up to take a shower and put on make up and get dressed now? Do I even put on my work clothes before I feed the baby or will he poop or spit up on them? If I'm not ready for work then what do I do with him while I get ready? I know Chip will help, but I got a little overwhelmed because I was only stressing about the morning time, the first hour to hour and a half of my morning - - this leaves about 23 more hours to figure out.

You know before we decided to have kids Chip and I would cringe when people would say, "oh just wait until you have kids, everything changes." No kidding you freak, that is why we don't have any! We are perfectly content-o how we are. Now here we are, all bred up, 'everything changes' literally means EVERYTHING. Then I check my email this morning and may have found the solution. I don't know anything about it except that I was getting a special offer and all these thoughts had gone through my head just minutes before. I can't help but think that this magazine may hold the key to all of life's answers. I grabbed my credit card and ordered it immediately.

Working Mother Magazine
Special email offer!
Wish you could...
•Find more time for yourself?
•Get more flexibility at your workplace?
•Find ways to spend fun time with you kids?

Celebrate the fun, the job and the rich rewards of being a working mother! The first and only magazine devoted to the needs of the lifestyle of working moms.
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In approximately 6 weeks I will receive this treasure map to be the best damned time manager/ working mother anyone has ever seen.
I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Except I swear under oath that I will still not learn how to iron....ever.


Leah Maria said...

I'm so glad someone else hits the snooze for that long of time!!! Before we got married, Brian would get so mad at me for doing that. Now he gets up an hour before me (I get to go back to sleep) so that can be my hour of snooze hitting. He doesn't understand it at all.

l cummins said...

I'm with you on the ironing! I mean, I can if I need to...but I can't tell you in words the satisfaction I get on Sunday mornings when I pile all of our clothes on the ironing board for my husband. Makes me smile just thinking about it...

Rachel said...

I think I owe all of my gratitude to Al Bell. He taught Chip how to iron in college and my Chippy is probably the best iron-er in the world. It makes me smile too Lindsey. I am so proud and happy for you that Ryan is the same way.

Lisa Blair said...

Ladies, I am with ya on the ironing. Every morning (my) Chip irons his work shirt while I get to do something else like drink coffee. Or do the dishes. Point is, I hate ironing and I am SO GLAD that I found a man who could do it his own damn self!

Rachel, you are going to be the best working mother, I just know it!

sm2 said...

No Ironing Women Unite! I'll iron about once every 6 months. Daniel now buys these shirts that don't need ironing. :)

I feel ya on the mornings. I'm lucky that I don't have to be in at a particular time, but still, gonna be crazy hard. There goes my coffee and GMA before I shower!