Friday, September 18, 2009

Wish Us Luck!

To keep in tune with the lottery like 10:00 last night we decided to head to Tunica tonight and try our hand at a little black jack.
Wish us luck! We are just so excited to be able to run away for the weekend. Thanks to our wonderful friends that stepped up to take care of the pups on such short notice!

Here is the plan.....
Today, Friday, at ASAP o'clock we are going to head to Tunica, check in our hotel, then go to the black jack table and win a ton of money, then eat the buffet then win more money and go to bed whenever we feel like it.

Saturday morning we will wake up, eat, head to Oxford, meet up with my friend Susan so I can give her the gift from her shower I missed last weekend, go to the game, yell for the Rebs!, spend the night at Hart & Whitney's house in Oxford.

Sunday morning wake up, eat breakfast, head back to Kozy.

So ~
Have a great weekend and........


JJ and Allen said...

Win me some too please :) Yall have fun!!

Christy and Billy said...

Sooo... how was it? Did you do exactly as planned? Sit down at BlackJack twice and win lots of money?