Monday, September 14, 2009

Spinnin' Around

So so sorry to have left you all over the weekend without hearing from me. I hope you have all managed.
I've been spinning on a merry go round going on 4 la la land. No really, I mean it. I woke up Friday morning (after the 8th snooze hit) and bee-bopped into the shower, brushed my teeth (which is much easier now in the 2nd trimester), then I'm standing in my closet getting dressed and putting a few things together for my SUPER fun weekend with girlfriends when I reach up for something and almost fell. It really caught me off guard and scared me.

I shuffled to the bed where Chip was sleeping and woke him up. "Hey, poo......I'm not ok. I'm really dizzy and not ok." He told me to lay down for a bit and go back to sleep. Translation: Go to sleep, I am sleeping. So I laid down on my left side with my magic boppy pillow to make the room stop spinning. It didn't work. I couldn't even close my eyes. I turned onto my back and tried to put my "kick-stand" down. You know, the kick-stand. The one you used in college when you had too much fun with friends, when the adult beverages make your world spin as you lay still in your put down your kick stand to make things stand still. Well that didn't work this time. Instead it made me cry because I had no other solutions. Chip knew something serious was wrong. We always know the caliber of sickness with each other because we ask..."do you need to go to the doctor?" If either of us say yes then it's a big deal. Chip asked, "Do you need to go to the doctor?" I said, he called our nurse friend, helped me get dressed and took me to see the doctor.

Chip drove like the Dukes of Hazard to get me to the clinic where our angelic friend met us at the back door with a wheelchair. This helped me avoid all the swine flu and smelly old people up front plus I didn't have to walk anywhere. Love you, Leanne! Long story short....I have vertigo. Just the sound of it makes me feel like a Leper, an out cast with a fatal communicable illness. It's not, it just means I've lost my marbles, that my equilibrium is messed up. Who knows the cause. I asked if it was due to my reconstructive surgery on both of my expensive ears. He looked and said no, they were perfect. Good answer, because they cost me a small fortune to hear from them!

Anyway, he sent me out the back door with a prescription to trick my brain that I'm not dizzy. The meds started kicking in Friday afternoon and then every time I took it after that I'd fall into a coma. I'd take it and then not remember what I was doing before I fell asleep. Hence, I couldn't drive anywhere.

So, needless to say my fun filled weekend to North Mississippi to visit my friend Angela, then onto an educational day in Memphis, departing back down to my ol' stomping grounds in Oxford to hang out with good friends was cancelled. I was so upset, and still am. I will have to reschedule, if my friends will still have me. (insert pouty quivering lip and tear here)

Through all of this internal roller coaster business, I do have to say that my Chippy was so good to me. He took such good care of me. He made sure I had someone with me at all times when he couldn't be there and that I was fed, watered, toileted, covered up, comfy, and medicated at the appropriate times. I truly have no idea what I would have done Friday morning had I been alone. I would have had to have called an ambulance to take me to the looney bin. Good thing I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant otherwise I sure would have regretted not remembering the awesome night before since I was feeling like I was in a drunken stupor Friday morning.

I'd say I am 88% better. I still have a ways to go and can't take my meds until I get off of work, then I can fall into my coma-like state. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to talk about next time I am able to post. This week I have to prep for a class I am going to teach on Monday and Thursday nights through the community college. It starts next week and is a 6 week Spanish class for the Drug Court Judge and her staff.....should be interesting, I'm excited about it. I will post more later. Have a great week!

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sm2 said...

Well of course we will still have you! anytime! I hope the meds help you! Very exciting about teaching a class!