Monday, September 28, 2009

Nesting or Nasty?

I am not quite sure if it is too early to "nest" or if maybe I was tired of tripping over dog hair tumble weeds in my house. Either way something came over me and I cleaned, then cleaned some more. Even had Chip help me take the mattress cover off the bed to bleach it. Finished all the laundry, cleaned all the dishes, stocked up the pantry with a two hour trek to Wal-Mart, and decided I want to become a minimalist.

I want to declutter my house. I want to rid of all that is in my way...including in my attic. I don't know if this is MAKE WAY FOR BABY mode or if I am seriously just tired of all my stuff. Maybe it was because the doctor said I could have this baby anytime between 36 & 40 weeks. Which in human terms means between the Friday before Christmas and two weeks into January. So pretty much like tomorrow. This means I need to Christmas shop yesterday, and have everything ready like 10 minutes ago.

Yesterday, I wanted to rearrange everything and consolidate. I almost had Chip on board for moving the tv stand and tv out of the bedroom and buying a hang on the wall tv for in there. Just as we were about to walk out the door we remembered we are about to have a baby and felt poor. So we didn't do it.

For some reason this clean up mode didn't make it to Hill's room. Poor guy. He's never going to have a closet without wrapping paper, mommy's winter clothes, rubbermaid containers of art supplies, boxes of photos and board games. Mrs. Lindsey is going to help us decorate Hill's room once we get a baby bed and bedding. I'd already have all that but Chip won't let me buy anything yet. Which is smart.

Well, off to a new week my friends! I hope to carry over my productivity from the weekend on into this week both at work and home. This week is 'fo sho' going to be be better than last week!

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sm2 said...

I'm calling nesting on this one!