Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funk & Football

I'm still in a funk. I'm not going to gripe about it or give the whole 'woe is me' breakdown. Maybe it's this dreary has been raining for over a week straight. I'm sure my hormones and stress levels aren't helping with the equation.

Anyway, when I get the opportunity I still have 3 more lottery posts. We have already traveled the internet super highway to Texas, then made another pit stop in Texas, next on our road map is Tennessee, Alabama and then back on down to Kosciusko, Mississippi.

See just those happy thoughts there gave me a ray of sunshine through this funky day. I teach my second class tonight and already gave them a heads up we are getting out early. Why you may ask? Only because ......

1) Ole Miss vs. South Carolina tonight-- Do you know I am the only Rebel fan in my whole class? Good thing I don't give these guys grades! FYI - I once was let out of a bogus ticket for 'allegedly' not stopping at a stop sign for being a Rebel fan. It pays off I promise. You should convert if you haven't already.

2) My Chippy comes home -- I haven't seen him in like 4 days...maybe that's why I'm in a funk?

3) Grey's Anatomy season premiere (thank heavens for Tivo) Yes, Grey's will have to wait until after the football game. You know I have to take on more team spirit now than ever since my mother-in-law passed away. Lord knows that woman loved her some football, more than any man I've ever met. I just don't think I can keep up with the NFL like she did. I will cheer for her Peyton and Eli though.

Those all seem like legit (and happy) excuses to skip out early. The Judge said I should get on home and watch the game. Well....Your Honor has spoken. It's the law now, I must watch the Rebs hopefully put on their game face and whip up on some South Carolina.

Quick funny Adrienne football story...The day after Chip's grandfather passed away (Adrienne's dad) I remember Chip & Adrienne worried about how to plan his funeral around the Ole Miss vs. LSU game. They couldn't miss it. So, everything ended up working out and me, Adrienne and Laurie went to Philadelphia to the casino big screen to watch the game (Chip went to the game with his uncle). So here we are. At the casino with no less than a million other people watching the game in this restaurant called "The Stadium" - how appropriate right? So we are sitting there LSU fans on one side and Ole Miss on the other. It was like church, the bride side and the groom side. We were all having fun and yelling tacky stuff back and forth, in good fun. Well Ole Miss makes a fabulous catch and we are all hooting and hollering and then right by us this old LSU I mean OLD MAN gets up and beats the TAR out of this young Ole Miss fan in his 20's. I swear this guy was like 80. The guy in his 20's threw a few jabs, but old dude just straight beat him up. For no reason. We were close enough to have heard heckling and there was nothing of the sorts. So if that wasn't enough they had to bring in the HAZMAT crew because blood had been drawn. After everything was cleared up and not bloody we went back to watching the game.

I guess there is really no point or moral to this story, but all of Adrienne's friends reading this can appreciate the hilarity of planning the funeral around an Ole Miss football game, watching old men beat up kids and the hazmat team being called. Who else would random stuff like this happen with? I mean really? So as you cheer on the Rebs or watch Grey's Anatomy tonight be sure to say a Hotty Toddy for Adrienne too.


sm2 said...

Hotty Toddy! You were in my dream last night. It must have been from the zipper comment cause we were trying to find evening gowns to fit us, but there weren't any maternity gowns, so we were just trying to rig up regular ones. Weird. I hear we may see some sun and some cool fall weather by the end of the weekend!

Rachel said...

How funny! Wonder where our husbands were taking us that was so fancy?
Hope the sun peeks it's smiley face out!