Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in my previous life

Well we are back! Only because silly things like the responsibility of work, paying a mortgage, dogs and all the other adult things we have to deal with stood in the way of us becoming professional gamblers. We had a fabulous time on our sporadic weekend which was extremely needed and well deserved.

Everything went as planned. We got there at about 6:30 checked into our room and then the pregnant lady needed to eat. We went to Chicago Steakhouse, didn't have a reservation but they seated us after about a 20-30 minute wait. Just to paint a picture for you, this restaurant was very nice, dark wood walls with beveled glass and mirrors, gorgeous chandeliers, fresh flowers everywhere, fabulous wine selection, and a menu that would make your knees weak. So I said everything went as planned, well I lied. Here we are, they seat us and I almost start to cry. Not happy tears because I feel like I'm in my element, but traumatising tears because my huge butt is hurting. They had arm chairs and I needed a tub of Crisco to wedge my pregnant rear end in it. I was so embarrassed. There was no way I could enjoy my meal in such pain. I was humiliated. I had to ask the waiter for a chair with no arms so Large Marge could comfortably eat more. After I got over that spell, the rest of our trip was fantastic. We dined like royalty then headed to the table for black jack.

Rewind...I think in my previous life I was a whale in Las Vegas. A 'whale' is a high roller. You see before we moved to Kosciusko we use to play in Tunica often. Like often enough to where the pit bosses knew us. We always played the Sheraton, but this trip we had a room at the Gold Strike. When we play black jack we have our little routine. I am always the cheerleader and the one who introduces us to the table, the dealer and find out where everyone is from...I get the table talking things are so much more fun that way. You find out fast who knows what they are doing and who doesn't. It is a great way to immediately find out if you need to relocate to a different table. During all of this Chip goes into the 'zone' - the black jack zone. When we are at the tables time does not exist, 4 hours can seem like 4's bizarre.

We had an awesome table...our dealer Tammy was great! Leading the table all night was old man Ferrell he was quiet but into the fun, then you have the two Steve's - Second Base Steve and Funny Steve. The Steve's didn't know each other well but had played together last month at another table. Then Chip then me. It was just like the old days....except I was drinking O'Douls and not Miller Lite. Fun stuff! We played, we had a blast, arranged for a free breakfast and best of all we won! There is one more thing that was different from before......we were in bed by midnight. What a Mamaw and Papaw we were being. Who cares, we had so much fun!

Saturday we woke up and had the most wonderful breakfast. Not too sure how they made their eggs so fluffy and their pancakes so sweet. Yum! After breakfast we took back roads through the Delta to Oxford. Upon arriving to Oxford I went to my friends Susan and Daniels house. It was so wonderful to see them! They are going to be the best parents ever. Susan looks fabulous - I am so jealous! Love ya'll!

So the Rebels didn't play like the number 4 team in which they are ranked, but whatever they still won 52-6. Chip and I had so much fun cheering them on and telling them to get their act together. Everyone we sat by was so nice and tolerated my cheers and ranting and helping me, the 6 month pregnant lady, up and down the bleachers. After the game we watched TV and then went to bed. Again, aren't we Mamaw and Papaws?

Now.......back to the grind. Work work work. Oh yeah, and teach, teach, teach! I started teaching my Conversational Spanish class at the local community college tonight. So far so good. I have the 21st District Court staff as my pupils. Also, a few attorneys and sheriff deputies. I feel like these are going to be good people to know. I could tell they were all expecting a formal class with tests and homework. I assured them there would be nothing of the sorts. They were there because they wanted to be there to learn. What they do with the information I provide them is up to them. I also told them that I am not a teacher by trade, I am a banker. They would have to be patient with me. We learned numbers tonight and by the end of the class they all felt reasonably comfortable counting to to over 1,000. Next class.....alphabet.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow (Tuesday.) It's the first baby doctor appointment that Chip is unable to make. We are both sad, but it's not a sonogram or big deal appointment so it's ok. I will let you know how it goes.

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