Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Name Game

Since I completed a little over half of the thank you notes. I thought I would treat myself to half of a post on the ol' blog.

I don't really have enough time to talk about the room idea nor have I talked to all of my sources to see how feasible it will be. I have a new thought and it involves me being artsy. We shall see how that works out.

I can't stop calling Hill, Baby Hill. I had this friend that we called Little Nancy and then when she got to be older we still called her Little Nancy and she'd get so mad. "I'm not Little Nancy, I'm Big Nancy!" I don't want Hill to be known as Baby Hill until he gets beat up at school then hates his parents the rest of his life.

Do you think he'll have problems with Hill being his name? He will have two friends his age named Jack. Do you think kids will be cruel and say Jack and Hill? Like Jack and Jill? (I know I laughed too) Do you think people will laugh? Do you think I'm setting him up?

Well, I've thought about it and if this kid is anything like his mama, he will probably just call them a meanie and a booger face and kick them in the leg and run off -OR- if he is like his daddy he will just laugh with them and somehow it makes them feel stupid for even picking on him and it will never happen again. Hopefully he chooses to handle things civilized like his daddy instead of mellow dramatic like his mother. Yet, the way he is acting lately with all this kicking and punching and flip flopping, I'm not too sure he hasn't already chosen to be a kung fu master and use his powers for evil. I just hope that I don't think it's as cute when he's kicking other kids like I think it's cute now in my tum. I don't want to be one of those "oblivious" parents that think their kids can do no wrong.

Ok I think I've overstayed my half a post welcome. Hill is probably tired of me analyzing his name anyway. I love it. I love to say his full name Hill Hawkins. Hill Hawkins. Hill Hawkins. Cute huh?


sm2 said...

At least he has a name following that baby! I'm calling mine Baby and Daniel calls him Xerxes Playboy (sounds like a racehorse to me). We have got to decide on a name for our poor child.

Rachel said...

Well I'm sure if we weren't having the 4th that we too would probably still be in search of a name.
That Daniel, he's so silly. I like to refer to your Baby as Baby Martin.

Marsha said...

I understand completely....that's why we don't have Asher. Asher-Dasher, Asher-Dasher:) I hope Pearce and Hill Hawkins are best buddies!

Rachel said...

Hill and Pearce are already bff in the womb. PM + HH = BFF 4 eva.