Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mission - 'Get It Together'

Doctors appointment today went well.....for Hill. His heart rate is at 133 beats per minute and Dr. North was really pleased with that and his growth. Yet, he was not pleased with my growth. In a nutshell, I am a lard butt and have to walk 45 minutes EVERY day and eat pretty much only veggies, fruits, water and grilled/baked meats.

So, they are back. The fairies from my first trimester have come back to haunt me and call me Fatty McFat Butt, again. They make me sad. It's ok, I'm trying to keep positive and reverse 29 years of bad habits by like tomorrow. All I know to do is pray.

So since I am in a funk, it is best I just go to bed and cuddle with my Boppy and wake up with a new attitude tomorrow. Talk to you all when I snap out of it.


sm2 said...

At least you are not alone! I'll have to start my diet tomorrow and that includes daily exercise too. Sux. Isn't pregnancy supposed to mean midnight runs for ice cream? Glad baby hill is doing good! Love you!

Rachel said...

I thought the same thing, Susan! I mean I know I'm not technically eating for two, but I don't think I am eating SOOO bad I should be called out on it. Truthfully this is probably the healthiest and unabused my body has ever been.
But, whatever...I'm grouchy so I'll stop.
Gotta think positive thoughts.

Your Biggest Fan said...

You have more will power than anyone I know. You will look "Fergiabulous" when Hill arrives. So from all of us "Fatty MacFat Butts" out there that you are inspiring, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!