Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where is Your Favorite Place?

What do I do when I'm happy? The only creative thing I know how to do...write a haiku!

Chilly is my bum.
Grilled out in the dark with Chip.
Having a great week.
This weather will hopefully but the 'wah' back in my waddle (which is what I do these days). Maybe get me more motivated to get out there and do the required walking I've put off.
The electricity went out last night as we were about to fire up the grill and cook dinner. It was great, we were just sitting there - in the dark - nice weather with candles and flashlights. Very relaxing. I've been many many places in my life, seen many many things in my young 29 years, have lived all over the world before settling like a pioneer here in Kosciusko, and guess where one of my favorite places on earth is? To be on my patio with my Chippy just talking for hours. That's how I knew he was "the one." Seriously, I figured out early in our relationship that our conversations lasted hours and hours and were so interesting and sometimes deep that I knew when I'm 79 sitting on my patio with my Chippy, we'd still be talking.
Communication is key in a relationship and especially a marriage. I'm not trying to get all Dr. Phil on you, but my best friend asked me before we married how I knew Chip was the one? Did the clouds part, angels sing and you have butterflies in your stomach as you were struck by lightening? Nope. None of that. We just talk - about everything. Of course he has other wonderful attributes like he loves me, he would protect me from a raging bull, he would take a taxi to the ends of the earth for me, he cooks fabulously, he listens and he's going to be the best dad ever.
I enjoy our talks. They always bring me to a comfy cozy place in my life where I want to be. They make me feel secure and safe.
Where is your favorite place to be? Why?

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