Thursday, August 06, 2009

Food Dilemma

Ok friends. This is serious. I have never had a craving like I am having a craving now. This is worse than the cheese puff with vinegar craving! I NEED, there is no "want," I NEED ham and cheese kolaches from Praseks, now. This is a dilemma because Praseks is located like 9 hours away and over 600 miles south west of my current location.

I tried Googling 'kolaches in Jackson, MS' and the closest is in Pascagola, MS. I'm not risking it, I need Praseks if I'm going to make that hike. You have to understand. I've traveled to the Czech Republic before, I've been to both Prague and Budapest and they don't compare to my friends kolaches. If I could take a vacation day tomorrow, I would leave now and drive to Texas eat about 3489762 of them and then have dinner with my family and drive back. It's that worth it.

For those of my non El Campo Texas friends who are asking, what is a kolache and how do you say it? Ko-lah-chi is a Czech pastry that is a bread filled with a cheese, fruit or meat. Don't you dare think of a run of the mill pig in the blanket thats all thin and wrapped in a crossant or something silly and a kolache in the same sentence. It doesn't do it justice. Let me see if I can explain the Praseks ham and cheese kolaches, they have been such a big part of my life I think I can describe it. Ok, close your eyes. Imagine a warm soft cloud with a twinge of sweetness then biting into it and your tastebuds dancing to the complimentary semi salty smoked ham and creamy lava hot cheese. Can you taste it? Isn't it divine? You aren't even pregnant and you want one don't you?

If you go to Praseks or order online, don't pass up the peppered turkey jerky, it's like nothing you've ever tasted either....while your at it grab me a homemade cream cheese strudel. Holy cow, there is no place like home, there is no place like home. My ruby red slippers aren't working.

Oh man, I'm getting in the car. I'll see you in 12 hours.


DenKag said...

You know - it's not too much to ask someone that lives in EC to buy a bunch and overnight them to you...there's no restrictions on shipping food via UPS. Pack them in some tupperware and send 'em up. I bet it would be worth the shipping cost, wouldn't it?

Jan Johnson said...

Funny! I'd never heard of these until Michael told me the other day they may start doing them at his work! I'll let you know if they do!

Rachel said...

Kristen, my mom is right on top of it! :)

Jan, can he make me some to test? I am the worlds best kolache tester. I come from a Czech village in Texas. I know kolaches.

Ain't it. (sorry that was my Czech coming out)

Cortni said...

Oh my gosh Rachel!!!! I am from Mexia, Tx.. I lived there for 19 yrs, then moved to Kosy... I have said that I wanted a kolache and I've gotten the strangest looks!! I love them too!!! I'm so glad that someone else knows what a kolache is!!!!! :) And I totally understand about HAVING to have a CRAVING!!! Chad knew if I said Pepperoni Lovers Pizza, he better get on the phone to order RIGHT THEN!!!!!!! (nothing else was an option...)

DenKag said...

I can't believe no one has said Jak se Mas yet. :) Tell your mom to send me some, too - I can't get them here unless I make them myself. And, by the way, I can send you great recipes if you want... >:)

Rachel said...

Cortni, I am so glad you can reiterate the urgency of knowing what a kolache is and understand the importancy of getting one right now. It's bad.

Kristen, I agree...I think you (and my mom) are the only ones that got my random "ain't it" I threw in there. I would LOVE the great recipe you have incase this happens again. send it to


Chip Hawkins said...

Um, Shipley's do-nuts in Oxford has Kolaches. They're really good, too. There may be a Shipley's in Starkville also.