Friday, August 07, 2009

Roller Coaster

Being pregnant has been an adjustment. I like being pregnant, but one thing I or no one else is ever prepared for is the emotional roller coaster I live on. My goodness my hormones are crazy. For example:

Last night I was watching TV, the So You Think You Can Dance finale to be exact, and when the sweetest most talented girl won I noticed my nose getting all tingly and my eyes a little watery. I was so happy for her I shed a tear. What's up with that? Hello, it's a reality tv show and I felt like she was my daughter that I personally had professionally trained her to dance myself. I was proud.

Then I started thinking about times where I just can't control myself. Like yesterday and the kolache incident. I was leaving work walking across the parking lot thinking, I could cry. I could literally get in my car and drive to Texas and get a ham and cheese kolache and drive back. That is ridiculous.

Another thing that makes me cry, even if I only hear half of it- is the dang OnStar commercials on the radio! I can catch the tail end of an OnStar commercial and know that those OnStar people helped save someone that were in a crash or helped the little girls whose mommy isn't moving. Oh my goodness it is bad. I even teared up before I was pregnant so now it's like a sob. Sometimes I just turn the radio down so I don't have to go through the trauma and be so scared for these people but relieved that the OnStar support person was there to help.

Then the first time that I truly remember thinking, Rachel, get a freaking grip on yourself was when my husband told me he was in line at the grocery store, Sunflower, and an elderly lady was short money for her groceries and she only had staple items like milk, bread, etc and didn't use food stamps. My heroic husband helped out a lady in need and paid for the remainder of her groceries. Sigh...I'm tearing up now thinking about it. Anyway, he told me that he did that and I cried. I called my mom barely breathing I was crying so hard and said I know I'm stupid and can't stop crying but guess what Chip did? He is so sweet and I told her he helped an old lady out. I could not keep myself together and I know I sounded like a freak, we all know Chip is a great guy I just needed to cry about it.

Anyway. I just thought I would share a few of my moments. I know there will be ample more along the way and there are a few I've left out I know. Thank you to all that lend an ear when I have my moments.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll try to keep myself together till we talk again.


Alysha said...

Rachel, I was like that too during my last pregnancy. I would just sit and cry for no reason sometimes. Just to warn you, postpartum was even worse. Hang in there!!

sm2 said...

I once cried because daniel brought me a double cheeseburger instead of a single. it does get a little better eventually!

Marsha said...

Just so you know, the emotional roller coaster gets worse after your child gets here...sorry! I am an emotional person by nature, and pregnancy made it way worse. I have gotten a lot tougher and not so sensitive about some things, but geez louise...every Hallmark commercial, every sad story, every Grey's Anatomy? Break out the tissues.

DenKag said...

I think that, possibly, you are my other sister that escaped. My sister and I cry at EVERYTHING, and neither of us are pregnant...just sappy... :) I love that we're not the only ones!

The Sasser Crew said...

I'm with Marsha, if you see a Hallmark commercial come on, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! I NEVER cried before I had kids and those OnStar commercials totally get me now!!! I can ball every time I hear "Jesus Take The Wheel". So NOT me! But with the added drama comes added JOY and LOVE, too. So it isn't all bad.