Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gratitude to the Land of Koz

I found out I have a lot of readers this weekend, secret stalkers. Oh the pressure!
(she says with the back of her hand on her forehead like Scarlet O'Hara)

I don't really post on the weekend but the opportunity is here and I'm not sure when I will have another chance to post the rest of the week. Things are still in the air with Adrienne. We are in waiting.

I've enjoyed the out pour of visitors in the ICU waiting room. The friends that have hung out, some until the wee hours, just chit chatting, laughing, crying and even just sitting in silence. You know Chip and I have come to terms with the situation. We have said our goodbyes, given her kisses, held her hand and run our hands through her hair. It's more of a comfort to us than to her I'm sure. We are never truly prepared, but who really ever is?

This may be a monumental moment. I have things in my head to say, but no words to say them. I just can't seem to relay the meaning of friendship and how wonderful it is. When I married Chip 3 years ago I married more than just my soul mate, I married an entire town. I'll be the first to openly admit that Kosciusko was nothing less than culture shock to me. I'll be the first to step up and say I cried many many days and nights knowing my husband brought me here and dropped me off to go work in Alabama and I knew no one except his family. Yet, because of his phenomenal family and friends, and the wonderful people of this tiny foreign village taking me in, I am a better person.

I realize I've known some of you longer than 3 years, but most of you I have not. It's hard to believe that these friendships I've formed are so strong in such a short time. Sometimes I don't understand why you guys want to be my friend. I know my abrupt personality and broad open mindedness and need to play devils advocate at times can be a hard pill to swallow. I speak my mind more than the average bear, but those of you that are around me often carry a salt lick around because most of the time a grain of salt won't work.

I appreciate you all taking me in and making me feel like I've been a Hawkins since birth. My family back in Texas appreciates you all taking me in and making me a part of your family too. I don't just mean making me a part of the Hawkins family, but your family, the stalkers who are reading this without posting comments and even those of you that do post comments. To me friends are family. So, if you find me in your house eating food out of your fridge it's because I think of you as a sibling or parent.

Chip and I are expecting our first child. I've always heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well there is no other village I would rather have raise my bambino - - and Lord knows any kid of ours needs all the rearing it can get!

Love to you all. Keep us in your prayers. Be sure to pray for my moms safe flight tonight as she comes to be with us during this not so fun time.

I leave you on a happy note.
Only in the Land of Koz will you see this cruising town on a Saturday night.
Welcome...please come visit us any time!
You sure do have a purdy mouth! (queue banjo)

A pick up truck pulling a trailer with a 4wheeler and a miniature horse on the back.


Lauren said...

We LOVE ya'll Rach! And certainly our hearts are heavy for you guys through all of this. She is very special. VERY VERY special. And we feel so lucky to be ya'lls friends!

Naughers said...

My name is Stephanie Naugher. We don't know each other, but I stumbled upon your blog about a month ago. I read it everday. You are so funny. My husband, Pinson Naugher, knows your mother-in-law. I was telling him about you and Mrs. Wamble and he said he use to work for her when he went to Holmes. He said she is such a sweet person! Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers!!

The Naughers