Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Who has the hook ups?

My awesome friend Lindsey hooked me up on a good deal.......AGAIN! I think she has some underground connections with the discount people at all local stores. Her and the Wal-Mart smiley face are BFF and he calls her when he's slashing prices. Her and the Dirt Cheap chicken communicate through Morse Code about special deals that may be of interest to her. Needless to say, she's the ultimate hook up and a wonderful friend that shares her inside secrets. And thank goodness for her iPhone so she can do on the spot email alerts of killer deals she comes across.

Lindsey saw 2 Jenny Lind (3 in 1) cribs on clearance at Wal-Mart for $50 each. So I got one for Charlie & Joyce's house and then JJ wanted one for her moms house. I would have LOVED to have one at my house but the trim in the baby room is more of a cream than a brilliant white. Plus, my cream colored bedding would not look good against the white either. Maybe something else will pop up somewhere. I thought about painting the crib, but my luck I'd use some paint that causes mesothelioma, black lung or some asbestos infected lead flaky ingestable stuff. I'll stick with the store bought prepainted crib.

Lindsey, I think your savings tab has gone up to over $300 by now. Maybe Chip will let me use that money you've helped me save to decorate the baby room with all of your goodies.

You all know what I like to do when I am happy and to return thanks?!?!
Write a Haiku....the only thing I am creative enough to whip together.
So Lindsey, here is your 5-7-5 of the day. I will always be indebted to you, my gorgeous friend.

Ode To Lindsey
Hooks me up on deals.
So my baby can be cute,
And save Chip money.
and if that wasn't enough for you...
Underground secrets.
You rock by telling me them.
You are my hero.
Much love to you girlfriend. I was glad to see your happy face yesterday while I was in action making the hot purchases...even if it was your 3rd trip to Wally Martinez that day.


l cummins said...

My own blog post?! There are no words...
And the haikus or is it haiki? I'm so impressed...
I share deals because I love deals and deal-lovin' people. Glad I could help a sister out!

Jan Johnson said...

Let me know if you find another great steal of a deal at Dirt Cheap on a sit n stand stroller. We had a brand new one under our carport and someone vandalized it and it is trash now! :( Very sad, especially with another baby on the way! And I'm super glad Roro will have a crib for all these babies at her house!