Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am a cantaloupe and Katie loves me

If you are on facebook then last night you read that my cantaloupe was full of Wendy's salad and I did end up going and eating Chippy's Rice Krispies.

I get the What to Expect emails every day and it said my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe. I really really really wanted to take pictures with a cantaloupe but my camera is lost. It's around the house somewhere......but that requires my cleaning to find it. So sorry that is not happening.

Speaking of cantaloupe, Katie Lou loves cantaloupe more than the average dog, but her favorite is watermelon. You have never seen a dog go spastic until you have seen Katie Lou smell watermelon. It's her favorite food in the entire world. More than steak. Wait, you have to understand that my dogs don't eat people food. They can eat fruit and veggies, but no meats except for on their birthday they get a hamburger. I guess you could say they are vegetarians when it comes to people food. Katie has eaten shrimp before, but prefers cocktail sauce on it. She eats salad, but only with dressing. Foster really dislikes cucumber - - have you ever seen a dog spit something out they hated, it's hilarious. Foxy just tastes things and then decides if she likes it. Usually she doesn't. Here are pics of my babies

I read an article yesterday about Dogs are Smarter than Toddlers. If you have met Kate Lou then you all know that I am going to say, I already knew that. Katie is something else. She's not a dog, but she's not a human.....she may a doman, a manog, a hug. Whatever she is she's my little smarty pants with a cocky attitude and I wouldn't trade her for the world. For the past 9 years I've been living with a loud potty mouthed kissy face who calls the shots. I'd say that she knows as much as a border collie or poodle hands down. Anyone that has met my Lou knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's hard to explain. She is literally a two year old that communicates through actions.

She knows word recognition like Go, Car, Food, Ride, Water, Mommy's Bed, Inside, Outside, TT/PooPoo, Kisses, she knows the names of ALL of her toys, Mommy, Chippy, Foster, Foxy Mama, Look, Night Night, Mama Lou, amongst others.

She's very observant if the other dogs are out of food or water she is their communicator, their Speaker of the House. She will go in their room and pick up their bowl and drop it causing commotion, then bark. Half the time if it wasn't for her I'd assume Chip had fed them, but no, Katie Lou lets me know real fast. She takes care of everyone. Katie has a different bowl in a different room than Foster and Foxy. She likes to eat one of two places.....in bed or on the couch. When you get her food for her you must follow her so she can tell you where she wants to eat because forget sitting or standing on the floor to eat, she wants plush surfaces to dine on.

Thank goodness I broke her from having to eat by hand....MOM! That took about a year. When I went abroad to Europe for half the year I came home and Katie had my mom fooled. Katie said she needed to eat on the couch and be hand fed each meal and would only eat the colors of the Benefuls she wanted and turn her head if you tried to give her a hard kibble. She's a handful I tell you. She also throws a fit when you bring out her t-shirt. She WANTS to wear it.

When it is time for bed she is a lot like me. She just gets up and goes without telling anyone. You could have a house full of people, but it doesn't matter. Into Mommy's bed she goes. She is a grouch pot when she's sleepy, just like her mommy. The difference is that I usually bite and Katie does not.

The mornings are Katie's favorite....but she is always a sleepy head if you wake her up before she's ready. Katie LOVES to give kisses, abundant amounts of kisses in the mornings. I usually get them as soon as my eyes open and Chip asks for them and she'll go to his side and give him a couple too. Sweet girl. When I am sad she kisses my whole face, she thinks it makes me feel better and usually it does. She's my little guardian. She too is very emotional. She's intrigued by most things and expresses it through her human looking eyes. When she is sad, her body language lets you know she's been let down. She's also a great listener.

What are her favorite things to do? Her leash is her security blanket and she loves to "fight" with Chippy. When you hold her you have two positions, on your hip like a little kid so she can see around or upside down on her back with her head flopping over so she can be silly.

My Katie Goose is a trip, she is one of a kind that is for sure. She keeps me and Chip on our toes and has us both wrapped around her finger, I mean paw. She knows it, she thrives on it, she eats it up. We let her. She's my first born and I pray that she doesn't take a back seat when the baby comes. I will work really hard to prevent that. It makes me sad to think about. If you haven't met my Lou Lou please come do so. Maybe you will see what I find so hard to explain about her being more human than dog.

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