Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I got a call from my best friend Angela in Southaven that her little Dinky Dog passed away today. I just wanted you guys to keep her in your prayers because it's hard to lose a family member. I truly can't imagine, but I know that my little one eyed nephew sure loved him some Foxy Mama. He use to pretend to pee on her to flirt. Katie use to tattle tell on him for things he didn't even do. I swear those silly kids. I sure will miss my Stinky Dinky - he had a great life and an even greater mama.

Speaking of silly kids. Chip was like a kid in a candy store this afternoon in Oxford when he had the opportunity to go and watch the Rebels practice. He sent me a text and all it said was, "on the field with the football players and Houston Nutt!!!" I replied back and said, "No way" and of course the reply I got was, "WAY!" I asked him if he thought they would let him be the water boy? He never got back to me. He is super stoked about this season and only plans on missing one game which is in another state far far away or something. I will be big and pregnant and unpredictable so I make no promises. You all know that if we go to a Bowl game I will be without husband and doctor to birth this baby come January. It's ok, I guess I can take one for the team.

I had a great time at Cosmo tonight. I really enjoy hanging out with every single one of those girls. We have a lot of wonderful new members and I think we will have a great year! Good stuff, good friends and always good conversation.

So lets talk about my complexion and how I look like a 9th grader that should have started school this week with monster zits that have a heartbeat of their own. Gross! I have two big ol zit-olas that require their own zip code and currency. One is located directly in the middle of my 'God said Shhh!' Do you know where that is? It's that divot between your upper lip and nose where God placed his finger when you were born and said, Shhhh. Then it left that dent there. There ya go, your history lesson for the day. Don't ever say I haven't taught you anything. The other Mount Everest is on my chin in the place where you put your hand when doing the fist to chin Glamour Shot pose. Again, you know what I'm talking about. If not then go watch Napoleon Dynamite. I am at a loss with these monsters. There is no end in sight for them to go away. I guess this too shall pass or maybe I can become an under cover 9th grade narcotic agent at the high school. When life gives you sour lemons make lemon tarts! or something tasty.

Night Night. Katie and I are going to bed. Have sweet dreams.


Angela said...

Love you my precious Dinky dog! Thank you Rachel for those kind words! Love you!

sm2 said...

So sad to hear about Dinky! I remember him sitting with me while we watched the passion of the christ.

as for the zits...i once again feel your pain. that was my first symptom before i even knew i was pregnant. i was like wtf, man! Thankfully, that has greatly improved the last few months, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will for you too.

happy hump day