Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Days

First of all, I want to wish my mom a happy day of birth. She turned 25 on Saturday and said she had a great day! I wish I could have been there to hang out, but I will see you in 10 days! Can't wait!

Do you all know what today is? Of course you don't! Today is the day that in 2005 my boyfriend proposed to me. Yup, we were young and crazy and stayed up late and talked and seemingly had no worries. The proposal was so perfect.....for us. Nothing planned, nothing really romantic, nothing abnormal, just a night hanging out on the back patio in Oxford. We'd been together for 4 years. Which breaks down to 94725 years in relationship years.

I had gone out with some girlfriends for one of their birthdays that night and came home where Chip was hanging out on the patio. We were talking about how long we'd been together amongst other worldly things and then out of the blue Chip said, well would you marry me? I said well sure. Because I thought that we were having general conversation and I answered in a nonchalant way. He said, no Rachel, like will you marry me? Still confused if we are hypothetically speaking or maybe it's my numbness because we'd been together for 94725 years......I said ummm, what? He said it for the third time, Will You Marry Me? Me, still a little bit taken back said, Seriously? I mean, YES.

There was no ring, there was no down on one knee, no talking to my parents first, there was no Eiffel Tower; just me, the plastic patio furniture, Chip and Katie Lou. Perfect! I wouldn't have changed one second of it. Not even the fact that we both jumped up and hugged and Katie Lou barked at Chip like DON'T TOUCH MY MOMMY (she still does that by the way.) I called my mom and since it was like 11:30 at night I didn't call anyone else until the next day. Then of course everyone was confused because I'd tell them I was getting married and they look at my naked finger like.....ummmm sure you are honey. Whatever helps you sleep better at night. Then turn around and say, Nurse, give her her meds please.

That went on for like 2 weeks until Johnny Sides made my dreams come true with the most special beautiful ring in the history of rings. I love my ring. I love my ring not because it has diamonds and I love diamonds but because these aren't just your go to the jewelry store and pick out a ring type diamonds. These are Chip's grandmothers diamonds. They are all different sizes and shapes and are beautifully special beyond words. Chip and his grandmother were so close and I hate I never had the opportunity to meet her.

In the mornings when I put on my ring I can only pray that she knows I love her grandson more and more each day which just seems physically impossible from the day before. For the past 8 years Chip has been my world, and it just makes me cry those uncontrollable happy tears we spoke of the other day to think of how far we've come, how much we've grown and the things we have overcome together. I can't imagine, nor do I want to imagine, what my life would be like if 4 years ago tonight my world had not changed.

Love you, poo.


DenKag said...

Thanks for making the engaged girl cry. :)

Rachel said...

No prob, Kristen! As much as a joyous pain (there is your oxymoron for the day)I know you are going through with the whole wedding planning and preplanning and organizing and getting frustrated. It all comes back to one thing. You and Tyre. As much as our wedding day was so special....each day after that becomes even more special. Your blogging about it is priceless and you will look back on it years from now, I promise.

Sorry, that's coming from the hormonal cheesy pregnant lady, but I still speak the truth. I don't know how it's possible to love him any more than I already do, but it happens. Don't get me wrong we have our moments, but at the end of the day I don't love him any less.