Monday, August 03, 2009

Winner(s) of the Haiku

As promised; since Melanie was the first to correctly answer what that weird kidney shaped pan is and the plastic box/bucket too - - Here is a Haiku in her honor.

A friend of Jane Claire's,
Will be a friend of mine too.
Because you are smart.

Since I am feeling super creative I decided to write a Haiku about everyone that posted a comment.

The best friend ever
Even though her phones not broke
I will still love her.

My friend has nice boobs
She is a super hottie
I wish I was thin.

Leah was just wed
I have not met her husband
I bet he is nice.

A good friend to have
Always puts up with questions
That I have daily.

Sorry to those of you that didn't post missing out on my rare creative spurt. You know you don't have to have a blog to post comments! Click on comments, type your comment in the box then choose the Name / URL option and type in your name then publish comment. Voila! You will speak to me.

I insist all of you blog stalkers at least say hi so I know you were here and I know who to not talk about. Ha! Just kidding, I'll talk about you anyway!


Rachel said...

I forgot to write a Haiku about myself.

Kankles are not cute.
They don't look good in high heels.
Fatty McFat Butt.

Melanie said...

You keep me laughing!!! LOL...I'm smart because I know what a puke pan is!!!

Lauren said...

hahaha...I love you! When are we hanging out again???

Rachel said...

Lauren, you name the time and place I'll bring the margaritas! I can drink virgin margaritas.

Christy and Billy said...

I haven't read in a while...but I did read today. Well sorta...I was gone for too long and you've posted alot. Maybe one day when my back doesn't hurt so bad I'll sit and read it all. But not today! :)

Leah Maria said...

Love it! I love reading your blog because I know I'm going to get a giggle or a big ole laugh!