Monday, August 24, 2009

It's A Boy!

I only have a second to post, but promise to catch up on here later this week once I get mentally back on track.

Just an update in case you missed the text, facebook, or shout from the roof top. Chip and I are having a boy!
Charles Hill Hawkins IV
We will call him
Hill Hawkins
We were so excited, we just cried and cried. Now I'm scared to death because I've not heard one story of Chip as a calm normal little boy. Please pray for my sanity. (I will try to figure out how to post sonogram pics...Susan help)
Another thank you to everyone in the world that I know. Each of you were there for us last week during the loss of Chips mother and we couldn't have made it without you. Your continual prayers for our family is appreciated because as Chip said best, "life without her has just begun for us." That's the part that has not set in yet.
I told you all I'd have stories of this past week. Tuesday after Adrienne passed my baby was more active than ever. It was almost uncomfortably active. Chip felt certain that his mom was in there poking around to spread those legs apart to see if we were having a boy or girl. I don't doubt it one bit. Jane Claire said her baby was doing the same thing! She must have been in there checking out her little girl, Adrienne Brooks. That silly Snooks!


Leah Maria said...

Yay! Love the name!

Britt said...

Love the names. They will be well watched over, as will the rest of the family. I will also pray for your sanity.

sm2 said...

Well, I got my sonogram pics on a disk, so it was easy to upload. For the first one though, I just took a pic of the pic and uploaded that. It worked well enough I think. We are thinking of you guys! Let me know if you need anything! So excited we are having boys together!

MandiJo said...

AWESOME!!! Boys are such fun! And i totally didnt know Jane Claire was expecting again!?!
A boy and a girl coming into the sweet and tremendous is that!!! They will have a wonderful guardian angel watching over them for sure!

I have a blog as well- feel free to follow if you like!

Congrats again! I know yall are thrilled!!!

Mandi Yates

Jennifer said...

Rachel! Sorry I've been slack in posting but I have been praying for you guys; I'm so sorry about the loss of Chip's mom, but at the same time so happy to hear your happy news of baby Hill! Now I can complete my present shopping! Loves,